House System

To promote a stronger sense of community at Greenfield, we have created a House System, which we adapted from the Ron Clark Academy. There are five houses at Greenfield and each resource teacher is the head of a house. Students are sorted into a House at the beginning of the school year and stay in that House for as long as they are in Greenfield. We have House Days a few times during the year where students participate in activities with all of the students in their House. 

House Head of House House Colors House themes
Fire Dragons Mr. Gates/P.E. Teacher Read/Orange Courage, Perseverance, Strength
Ice Dragons Mrs. Burgett/Art Teacher Light Blue/White Creativity, Inspiration
Sea Dragons Mrs. Lee/Librarian Purple/Green Imagination, Knowledge
Sky Dragons Mr. Leonard/Music Teacher Royal Blue/White Compassion, Drive, Enthusiasm
Space Dragon Mrs. Boone/STEAM Teacher Black/Gold Exploration, Innovation