Student Support Services

Speech Pathologist

The Speech and Language Pathologist screens all new and transfer students, teacher referrals, and pre-school referrals. Other duties include scheduling and conducting Screening Committee meetings, evaluating all students found in need of assessment, scheduling and conducting IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings to develop each student’s program, developing and implementing the Speech and Language Program at Greenfield, and conducting annual and triennial reviews to determine termination or continuation of services.

Speech and Language Pathologists
Carolyn Schafer

School Psychologist

The major goals of psychological services are to promote the academic, behavioral, and emotional functioning of students. Assessment, consultation, and counseling are the strategies employed to realize the aforementioned goals. Our psychologist serves on both the Child Study Intervention Committee and the Special Education Evaluation Committee. Psychological services can be obtained by contacting the psychologist.

For more information about the CCPS school psychologist program click here:

School Psychologist: Leigh Gahr

School Social Worker

Greenfield’s school Social Worker is professionally trained to assess sociological factors which interfere with a student’s academic progress and to provide interventions to students, families, and staff. School Social Workers also serve on the Special Education Evaluation Team and complete the sociological assessments which are part of the eligibility determination process for special education services.

School Social Worker
Viji Daniel

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