Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, teachers expect students to practice self-control, take ownership for their decisions, demonstrate a positive attitude and show respect for themselves, their peers and adults. In addition to these core values we encourage collaboration and a growth mindset.

Fourth grade students are assigned homework Monday through Thursday to help support skills/concepts taught in the classroom. Additionally, students should utilize applications on the CCPS dashboard to support classroom instruction. We encourage parents and guardians to review graded papers that are sent home, regularly check ParentVue and communicate with the classroom teacher.

Language Arts

In Language Arts, students should be able to comprehend what they read and support their thinking with evidence. An emphasis is placed on summarizing, drawing conclusions, determining the author’s purpose, and expanding vocabulary. Students are exposed to different forms of writing including narrative, descriptive, opinion and expository.


In Math, concepts introduced in previous grades are further explored with a heightened degree of complexity. Students use analytical skills to complete single and multi-step problems. Ideally, students should be fluent with their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Major units include: place value, patterns, fractions, decimals, computation (+, -, x, ÷), geometry, graphing, probability and measurement.


In Science, emphasis is placed on the study of weather, electricity and magnetism, space, plants, resources, living systems and the scientific process. Students use hands-on experiments and critical thinking skills as they solve scientific mysteries and explore the world around them.

Social Studies

In Virginia Studies, students will learn about our state’s history beginning in the 1600s all the way to today. Topics covered include Virginia’s five unique regions, Jamestown and Colonial Virginia, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Reconstruction Era, civil rights, government and political changes. But wait, there’s more! Students will also learn about numerous people including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Arthur Ashe and Maggie Walker. Students are required to learn a lot of information and we understand it can be overwhelming to remember everything that’s taught.

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