Six students sitting on floor on colorful rug looking up at the camera.

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Do you remember when you were in Kindergarten? Well it has definitely changed since then. Kindergarten is no longer “a play and rest time” experience. All our students leave Kindergarten as readers, mathematicians, scientists, and sociologists. Our challenging curriculum and high academic expectations enable students to leave Kindergarten as independent learners who SOAR!

Language Arts

In Language Arts, emphasis is placed on letter/sound recognition, identifying beginning/middle/ending sounds, and learning all 60 word wall words. As students learn the word wall words to automaticity, they earn a word wall necklace bead for each word. When all words are mastered, students receive a special bead for their necklace that grants them entrance to the Word Wall Ball in the spring of the year. Parents are encouraged to read, read, read to their children every day. This lays an extremely important foundation for student learning.


In Mathematics, emphasis is placed on patterns, counting, money, shapes, calendar and developing a concept of number. Parents are encouraged to help their children learn to rote count to 100, count out objects, name coins, and say the days of the week. A great gift for Kindergarteners is an analog watch – not a digital one – but one with hands to help them learn to read a clock.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, emphasis is placed on citizenship, historic people who helped develop our country, patriotic symbols, globe & map skills as well as our core values of integrity, equity, teamwork, and ingenuity.


In Science, emphasis is placed on observing the world by using our senses like a scientist. Students observe magnets, water, shadows and weather while discussing how these things change and what causes them to change. Kindergarteners also study the life cycle of plants and animals.

Experiential learning field trips are planned each year for the Children’s Museum, Swift Creek Mill Playhouse and the Richmond Zoo.

Parents, guardians, and community members are encouraged to partner with us as we work together to enable all students in becoming confident, independent, self-directed learners.

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