Resource Classes

The Visual Arts program in Chesterfield County Public Schools is designed to offer sequential learning for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The implementation of this structured program engages the students in making art, looking at art, talking about art and learning about the cultural, social and historical context of art. Furthermore, the art program interfaces with other instructional disciplines and contributes to the understanding of learning outside of the art classroom. Through their art studies, students will broaden their cultural horizons and be empowered as life-long learners.

The concepts, abilities and attitudes developed through this program are vital to our students’ total growth. The program encourages a development of perceptual sensitivity to the environment and ability to understand, express and accept oneself and others while developing a student’s full creative potential. The art program provides opportunities for students to learn creative, divergent and critical thinking skills. Students gain an understanding of aesthetic principals that bring order and design to all aspects of living.

showcase of student artwork.  The Visual Arts Program promotes an awareness of the contribution that art makes to a culture — transmitting values and concepts of civilization from one generation to another.

Students attend Art class for one 45 minute session each week. Visit our school to see student art displayed in the halls and in the Library. Student art work will also be displayed at the All-County Fine Arts Festival each spring.

At Harrowgate, all students are artists!


At Harrowgate, all of our wonderful musicians receive music instructions once a week for forty-five minutes. In Kindergarten we focus on steady beat and instrument exploration. First graders begin working on different cultural dances and reading and performing rhythms. Our second graders will begin exploring different types of instruments, including bucket drums. Third and fourth graders focus on becoming masters of recorders. Our fifth graders explore different types of music and performances with several different projects throughout the year. At the end of their elementary career, our musicians should be well rounded in Singing, Moving, Playing, and Listening.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education Program here at Harrowgate is all about helping students acquire the knowledge, processes, skills, and confidence needed to engage in meaningful physical activity both in the present and for a lifetime.

Students will acquire competency in motor skills and movements needed to perform many physical activities. Staying fit as we learn about cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance and the importance of these throughout our lifetime is stressed.

Students learn eating healthy and how being physically fit helps us be better learners for all subjects. Students participate in a variety of sports and new skills. During the year, students may participate in many extracurricular activities such as Run Club and Fitness Night. Physical fitness is an every-day activity, so being active every day is stressed!

Students attend formal PE class for a 45 minute period each week. In addition, students receive 30 minutes per day of physical activity with their homeroom teacher.

It is important that all students come prepared to be active every day.

Students should wear or bring tennis shoes to school every day.

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