Title I Math

What does the Title I math team do?

  • The math team provides differentiated, targeted instruction  for specific students in kindergarten through fifth grade. All students that are seen by the Title I math team are seen in a small group setting (4-6 students).  Students are selected to participate in math groups based on a variety of criteria including remediation needs, enrichment opportunities and current classroom data. Our primary focus is to strengthen the mathematics skills and concepts in students by working on number sense and computation. Title I Math groups are held in addition to the instruction provided by the classroom teacher, they do not replace core classroom instruction. 

When is the math team working with students?

  • Math groups take place Monday-Friday for 20-30 minutes a day. The days in which students are seen may vary based on need.

How can I support my student at home?

  • Have your students utilize Dreambox on the computer at home.  This is a great program that will give your students practice with math on their ability level as well as current content they’re learning in the classroom!  If you need login or password information, please contact your child’s teacher!
  • Have your student help in the kitchen. Using the measuring tools is a great way to expose your child to units of measurement and fractions. 
  • When you’re eating things that can be shared equally (like cake or pizza) discuss what fraction each family member is eating.  (For example- Mom ate 1 piece of pizza and there are 8 total slices. Mom ate 1/8 of the pizza).
  • Show your student two numbers and ask them to compare the numbers using the terms greater than, less than or equal.  (For students in grades K-2 stick to numbers that are less than 30. For students in grades 3-5 you may use larger numbers depending on what your child is ready for!)
  • For grades 2-5, give your student two 2 digit numbers.  Ask them to find the sum or difference using mental math strategies (no paper or pencil!).  If this is too easy for them, increase the amount of digits in each number!
  • While in a store, ask your students to estimate the price of two or more objects you’re buying. (For example- if you’re buying cookies for $3.99 and soap for $1.02, students in grades 4 and 5 should be able to tell you that the total is about $5.00.  Students in the lower grades can be asked to find the total of 4+1).

Who’s on the Math Team?

  • Gretchen Lee, Title I Math/ Math Lead Teacher
  • Linda McClure, Tutor/Retired Classroom Teacher
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