Teacher of the Year
Headshot of Fred Klevinsky

Congratulations Fred Klevinsky, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Fred Klevinsky is an outstanding educator. He can take any child — no matter where they are academically — and challenge them to meet their goals. His dedication is evident through his strong work ethic. His lessons are extremely engaging because he spends a great deal of time preparing and planning. He is so invested in his students and seeing that they succeed! Students feel that they can talk to him about personal matters that challenge or bother them: That says so much about his character and the energy and time he invests here at Harrowgate.

Portrait of Rachel Bowman

Congratulations Rachel Bowman, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Rachel Bowman is someone who provides a fun and engaging learning environment. When you walk into her room, you are transformed! She is creative, caring and there for her students. I love walking into her room and seeing her students engaged daily and the fun interactions that are happening.

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