First Grade
Language Arts
Reading is a priority in Language Arts. Students will develop oral language skills, phonetic skills, vocabulary skills, and comprehension skills. We also learn how to write neatly and communicate ideas in writing.

In Math, we learn how to count, sort, and compare sets of up to 100 objects as well as add and subtract. We also study measurement using standard and nonstandard units, counting money up to $1.00, and telling time to the half hour. Students learn how to recognize and describe repeating and growing patterns and how to trace, describe, and sort shapes. First Graders also learn about graphing skills.


In Science, we learn about classifying plants and animals. We also learn about the relationships among objects and their interactions with one another. Students learn about the relationships between the sun and Earth as well as seasonal changes. First Graders also learn about moving objects, simple solutions, and important natural resources in Science.

Social Studies

First Graders learn about past, present, and future as well as famous Americans and holidays in Social Studies. We also learn about map skills, economics, and citizenship.

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