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Third Grade
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Welcome to third grade at Hopkins Road Elementary School. Third grade is a challenging year because we will be preparing them for their first experiences with the Standard of Learning tests. Third grade requires students to study the content and be able to apply their knowledge to different situations.

Language Arts

Third graders are encouraged to develop their love of reading. In class we will be reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction text. Third graders need to be encouraged to read daily and in a variety of genres. Students will predict, visualize, make connections, draw conclusions, summarize, question, determine importance and make inferences. These strategies help them comprehend text and will prepare them for their first reading Standard of Learning test.

Third graders will be using the writing process to create their own individual style. Students should be encouraged to write using self-expression and details.


Third graders are expected to solve multi-step word problems. They will also be building on previous concepts such as addition, subtraction, rounding, graphing, money, time, geometry, probability, place value and fractions. In third grade, we will introduce multiplication and division.


Third graders will use observations, gather data through experiments and draw conclusions to further develop their love of science. We will be learning about ecosystems, force and motion, simple machines, the water cycle, soil and the different kinds of energy. They will apply math and science skills to real world situations.

Social Studies

Third graders will review many social studies topics from previous years as well as cover new topics. We will be learning about economics, government and Ancient civilizations like Mali, Greece and Rome.