Cell Phones

(Addendum to Parent Handbook)

Hopkins Elementary students may keep cell phones in their bookbags during the instructional day. Our hope is that students who need to be able to reach parents before loading the bus (in the morning) or after exiting the bus (at dismissal) will have the means to do so.

Students should adhere to the following procedures during the instructional day:

  • Cell phones must be off or on silent
  • Students may not use the cell phones
  • Cell phones must be kept in bookbags in the owner’s assigned classroom (i.e. may not be taken to lunch or the restroom)

Students who do not adhere to these expectations will have a consequence (decided by school personnel) which may include having their cell phone confiscated.

Excerpt from Policy 4010-R

“A student found using a cellular telephone during any testing situation will have the cellular telephone immediately confiscated and will lose the privilege for the remainder of the school year. Any student who uses a cellular telephone for unlawful activity while on school property, or while attending any school function or activity, will be subject to disciplinary action that may include out-of-school suspension or a recommendation for expulsion. “Chesterfield County Public Schools is not responsible for lost or stolen personal cellular telephones or other personal electronic devices.”

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