en English
Fourth Grade
Language Arts

Students will focus on reading comprehension skills which include: visualizing, predicting, questioning, making connections, clarifying to find the meaning, making inferences, summarizing, and determining what is important in nonfiction. They will use graphic organizers such as charts and diagrams to record their thinking. They will focus on these skills during small group instruction in which they will read books that are developmentally appropriate.

Students will focus on writing as they learn to plan, draft a large paragraph or multiple paragraphs, revise, edit, and publish their work. They will write about their own ideas as well as topics the teachers assign. They will conference with their teachers one-on-one to discuss how to improve their writing.


Students will focus on whole numbers through the millions, decimals through the thousandths, and fractions- lots of fractions! They will learn how to multiply two and three digit numbers, divide large numbers by one digit, add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators, and reduce fractions. Also, students will review previously learned skills such as graphing, probability, patterns, and equality.


Students will explore such topics as plants and how they grow; food webs and how ecosystems work; weather and how it is forecast; electricity and how to build circuits; the relationships between force, motion, and energy, and the solar system, focusing on the way the sun, moon, and earth interact, and the planets in our system. They will also learn about the importance of watersheds in Virginia.

Social Studies

Virginia History is the focus of fourth-grade social studies. The students begin the year learning the geography of Virginia and its important products and industries. They begin learning the history of our state, starting with native Americans, Jamestown, and the culture of colonial Virginia prior to the American Revolution. Students will study the early Virginians who contributed to America’s government. They focus on why slavery grew and how it influenced America’s Civil War. This leads to a study of how the South was rebuilt after the war, and how Virginia’s society, government, and economy have evolved since then.