Fourth Grade
Language Arts

Students will explore various genres of literacy in 4th grade. They will demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts, literary nonfiction texts, and poetry. Fourth graders will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, descriptive, opinion, and expository.


Students will continue to build their number sense. In fourth we will work with larger numbers and higher level mathematical concepts. This year we will add and subtract fractions, decimal concepts, explore patterns, learn elapsed time, estimate, and work on place value to the hundred millions place.


In previous years we have studied electricity and circuits in fourth grade. This year we will be studying oceans instead which is very exciting! It will go along well with our studies of Earth including its resources, weather, ecosystems, plants, and animals.

Social Studies

Fourth grade focuses on Virginia Studies. The curriculum and standards allow students to develop a greater understanding of Virginia’s rich history, from the cultures of its native peoples and the founding of Jamestown to the present. We begin by studying the five regions of Virginia and their products and industry of the region. We learn about the Revolutionary War, Civil War, westward expansion, and the 1900s through present time.

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