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Language Arts

Language and literacy encompass the skills of reading, writing, and oral language. We start by learning letters and sounds, which we are later able to segment and blend in order to decode words as we read. For writing, we learn how to spell phonetically by “stretching out” our words. As we develop as writers, we learn to incorporate sight words and proper writing conventions. In oral language, we learn how to ask and answer questions, retell stories, and recognize rhyming words.


In math, we start by exploring with manipulatives as we learn how to sort and create patterns. We also practice identifying and describing shapes, measuring objects, creating graphs, and learning how to recognize and count coins. Finally, we spend the entire year developing our counting skills, including counting orally, counting objects, and understanding parts of numbers. This becomes the foundation for learning addition and subtraction as we prepare for first grade!


We develop curiosity about the world around us as we explore with our five senses. We participate in hands-on scientific investigations during our study of magnets, water phases, seasons and weather, life cycles, and shadows. Finally, we become 21st-century learners by collaborating with peers to problem solve and think critically as we explore.

Social Studies

In social studies, we practice good citizenship by learning the expectations of our school and community. We learn about important figures from the past, including George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr., and develop an understanding of how historical figures are relevant to our lives today. We also explore important holidays and develop map skills to teach us about the world and cultures around us.