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Language Arts

Kindergarten is heavily focused on phonological awareness. We work on the students’ knowledge of all 26 letters and sounds, and from there, we learn how to start building and breaking apart words. We also dive into books, exploring their different parts and using our knowledge of letters and sounds to begin to read!


Kindergarten focuses on numbers and number sense. We work on counting orally and counting objects. By the end of Kindergarten, students will be able to count to 100, count 30 objects, recognize numbers written to 30, and be able to tell one more or one less number up to 50. We will also go over shapes, patterns, and the beginning of addition and subtraction.


Kindergarten will begin to explore science and the scientific method. We talk about our five senses and do some exploration using our five senses. We discuss properties of water, along with force and matter, including the motions of push and pull. Finally, we end with talking about changes over time. This includes talking about animals, plants, and things in nature.

Social Studies

Kindergarten works on becoming good citizens in school and at home. We learn about maps and how to use them, including positional words and identifying land and water on a map. We discuss famous Americans and important holidays celebrated by various cultures in our country.  Finally, we talk about ways that people earn money, what jobs they could do when they grow up, and people who help our community.

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