Second Grade
Language Arts

Students will get to explore various genres of literacy while also learning foundational decoding and phonics skills. Second graders will also learn and demonstrate higher-level literacy skills such as comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts and written expression.


In second grade, students will work to strengthen their number sense with the use of manipulatives, problem solving and hands-on practice. Students will be exploring relationships between place value and addition and subtraction. Second graders will also be building on previously learned material in telling time, patterning, measurement, data collection and graphing, and estimation.


Second graders will put their scientific investigation skills to use by observing and conducting experiments! They will study changes in phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas), plant and animal life cycles, seasonal changes affect plants and animals, and weather changes and patterns.

Social Studies

From American Indians to famous Americans, second graders will be learning about some of the famous people who made our country great!  Students will also learn about the responsibilities of good citizens and how people from diverse backgrounds participate and contribute to their communities.In doing so, they will exhibit the CCPS Core Values of respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability for culturally diverse people and populations. Finally, second graders will apply concepts of geography, civics, and economics to their everyday lives.

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