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Second Grade
Second Grade Teachers
Language Arts

Students will learn and demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts. They will also practice reading using fluency, accuracy, and expression. Students will work on several strategies to become active readers and writers.


Students will begin the year with a review of addition and subtraction using concrete materials to reinforce these concepts. Students will also study time, money, geometry, and two and three digit addition and subtraction.


Students will use real life objects to explore the properties of magnets. They will learn about the states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Students will also use their observation skills to notice the changes during the seasons and during the life cycle of several plants and animals.

Social Studies

Students will expand their global thinking as they further develop citizenship in their school and local community. In doing so, they will exhibit the CCPS Core Values of respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability for culturally diverse people and populations. This will be connected to daily life as they identify and study the geographic location, structures and agencies that make up the local community and components of our economic system. All knowledge and citizenship will be enhanced by utilizing globes, compasses, 21st Century tools and interactive teaching methods.