en English
Third Grade
Language Arts

Students will get to explore various genres of literacy while reviewing decoding and phonics skills. Third graders this year will also learn and demonstrate higher-level literacy skills such as comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts and written expression.


Math becomes much more challenging in third grade. Students work with larger whole numbers (numbers like 3,000) and with fractions. They’ll look at odd and even numbers, and patterns that involve those numbers. They’ll solve and explain addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Students are asked to do more math work on paper and in their heads, instead of with physical materials


Third graders will use their scientific investigation skills to make observations and conduct experiments! They will study changes in phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas), plant and animal life cycles, seasonal changes affect plants and animals, and weather changes and patterns.

Social Studies

From Ancient China to the Empire of Mali, third graders this year will learn all about Ancient Civilizations. Students will learn about the geography and the land features. Students will then be able to explain how these ancient civilizations contributed to the world that we live in today!