For absences, please call 743-3657.

There is an answering machine to receive your message at any time.

Students who are absent must bring a parental note on the first day the student returns to school stating the reason for the absence. Please be sure to include the child’s complete name, teacher’s name, the reason and the dates of the absence. Children are expected to participate in physical education. To be excused from participating in physical education requires a written parental request. An extended absence from physical education requires a physician’s statement. If a student will be absent for all or part of the school day, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the attendance office at 743-3657 to advise the school of the absence. A student will be withdrawn from the school rolls when he or she has been absent fifteen (15) consecutive school days.

Classwork for Absentees
In order to give the teachers adequate time to write up class work/homework assignments for children who are absent more than one day, please make your request prior to 9:00 a.m. If the books and assignments can be ready by dismissal, the teachers can send this home with a child you designate. If not, we ask that you pick the items up after students leave. Teachers are not required to provide class work/homework assignments for unexcused absences.

Emergency Information Cards
Children will not be released to anyone not specifically authorized on this card. The importance of the emergency information cards cannot be overemphasized. The two cards must be filled in completely and returned to your child’s teacher as quickly as possible in September. The information must be kept current. One card is placed on file in the clinic and the other in the office. They are used to reach parents when an emergency arises. Please up-date your child’s Emergency Card whenever your address, home phone number, work place or work phone number change; or if there is a correction in the people authorized to pick up your child in an emergency situation. Children will not be released to anyone not specifically authorized on this card.

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