Teacher of the Year
Portrait of Shannon McBryde

Congratulations Shannon McBryde, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Shannon McBryde has an innate gift for teaching. Being an educator comes naturally to her. She consistently demonstrates positivity, professionalism and the ability to help her students become the very best they can be. She does an amazing job of introducing our youngest Hornets to the school environment. She is also the lead of our family engagement committee. Her dedication to support the entire Hening community reaches past the walls of her classroom. This is the mark of a truly gifted educator, one who works tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone at school.

Portrait of Becca Lee Fehringer

Congratulations Becca Lee Fehringer, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Becca Lee Fehringer has been an outstanding coach to our teachers during our implementation of Structured Literacy at Hening. She has embraced the opportunity to support our students and teachers throughout our journey. We are grateful for the dedication and passion she has not only to help students in reading, but for building capacity with our teachers.

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