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High school students from throughout Chesterfield County Public Schools were honored Nov. 28 in the first ever Superintendent’s All-County Awards Celebration, which will be held quarterly. 

    • About 100 students were named to all-county teams, and another 100 received honorable mentions.
    • One student was selected Player of the Year in each of these areas: competition cheer, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls cross country, boys cross country, marching band, field hockey, golf, football defense and football offense.
    • A Coach/Director of the Year was also recognized in each area.

All-County Team


Carver College and Career Academy
Trey Roney – Boys Cross Country

Clover Hill High School
Josh Taylor – Boys Cross Country
Michael Wilson – Boys Golf
Brayden Berardo – Boys Volleyball
Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
Tessa Iorio – Field Hockey
Elden Holmes – Football – Defense
Shawn Douglas – Football – Offense
Abby Ellis Girls – Cross Country
Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball
Maddox Bruce – Marching Band

Cosby High School
Landon Weaver – Boys Cross Country
Cole Shingleton – Boys Golf
Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball
Jocelyn Drouin – Competition Cheer
Mariah Paulus – Field Hockey
Keyshawn Claiborne – Football – Defense
Nazir Coley – Football – Offense
Kirsten Morley Girls – Cross Country
Megan Thompson – Girls Volleyball
Isaac Markow – Marching Band

James River High School
Quinn Parrish Boys – Cross Country
Will Boswell – Boys Golf
Tyler Alexander – Boys Volleyball
Kylee Richards – Competition Cheer
Ryan Druhot – Field Hockey
Owen Riley – Football – Defense
Nelson Layne – Football – Offense
Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country
Hillary Mills – Girls Volleyball
Drew Gilliam – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School
Nick Tassel – Boys Cross Country
William Fitz-Hugh – Boys Golf
Will Waid – Boys Volleyball
Parah Shaw – Competition Cheer
Isabel Lee – Field Hockey
Xavier Carpenter – Football – Defense
Alvin Townes Fox – Football – Offense
Brianna Comer – Girls Cross Country
Amaya Scott – Girls Volleyball
Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School
Trevor Williams – Boys Cross Country
Ivan Chan – Boys Golf
Jacob Couch – Boys Volleyball
Rokell Johnson – Competition Cheer
Ellie Nuckols – Field Hockey
Makai Byerson – Football – Defense
Kenny Walz – Football – Offense
Jenna Nolen – Girls Cross Country
Catori Crawford – Girls Volleyball
Michael Nixon – Marching Band

Matoaca High School
Peyton Jones – Boys Golf
Pierce Butler – Boys Volleyball
Hope Cree – Field Hockey
Gavin Hall – Football – Defense
Bryce Yates – Football – Offense
Mary Mansfield – Girls Cross Country
Ryleigh Morgan – Girls Volleyball
Madison Zingraff – Marching Band

Meadowbrook High School
Christopher Austin – Boys Cross Country
Harsh Patel – Boys Golf
Elijah Nicholas – Football – Defense
Shavar Smith – Football – Offense
Jasmine Rhoades – Girls Cross Country
Makya Jackson – Girls Volleyball
Orren Gordon – Marching Band

Midlothian High School
Christopher Mierchuk – Boys Cross Country
Joseph Weinstein – Boys Golf
Collin Johnson – Boys Volleyball
Dory Sturtz – Competition Cheer
Josie Painter – Field Hockey
Gabriel Semidey – Football – Defense
Ashby Berry – Football – Offense
Kylie Bonser – Girls Cross Country
Tatum Evans – Girls Volleyball
Kate Tabor – Marching Band

Monacan High School
Carter Davis – Boys Cross Country
Talon Dingledine – Boys Golf
Reid Ivy – Boys Volleyball
Riley McCabe – Competition Cheer
Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
Daniel Johnson – Football – Defense
Raymond Bagby – Football – Offense
Madeline Montgomery – Girls Cross Country
Isabella Kvetensky – Girls Volleyball
Matthew Hafdelin – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School
Elijah Decker – Boys Cross Country
Tucker Brown – Boys Volleyball
Devyn Parham – Competition Cheer
Kalin D’Reaux-Rodgers – Field Hockey
Brandan Cammarasana – Football – Defense
Ethan Minter – Football – Offense
Jessica Blackmon – Girls Cross Country
Gabrielle Wyatt – Girls Volleyball
Brayden Gilbert – Marching Band

Player of the Year

Clover Hill High School
Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School
Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball

James River High School
Quinn Parrish – Boys Cross Country
Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country

L.C. Bird High School
Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School
Makai Byerson – Football – Defense

Monacan High School
Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
Talon Dingledine – Golf

Thomas Dale High School
Ethan Minter – Football – Offense

Coach/Director of the Year

Clover Hill High School
Jim Wahrman – Boys Cross Country

Cosby High School
Sarah Kirwan – Competition Cheer

James River High School
Jeff Raskind – Girls Cross Country

Manchester High School
Chris Fens – Marching Band

Midlothian High School
Rebecca Lowe – Field Hockey
Sherman Chung – Girls Volleyball
Matt Hutchings – Football

Monacan High School
Scott Thackston – Golf

Thomas Dale High School
Josh Forbes – Boys Volleyball

Honorable Mention

Clover Hill High School
Andrew Bennett – Boys Cross Country
Clinton Clancy – Boys Cross Country
Ethan Thorne – Boys Cross Country
Bryce Matthews – Boys Volleyball
Ibrahim Khalid – Boys Volleyball
Dasani Mendoza – Competition Cheer
Ryan Ward – Competition Cheer
Hannah Neely – Field Hockey
Jackson Drewry – Football
Jackson Skarie – Football
Jayden Anderson – Football
Justin Jones – Football
Latrell Green – Football
Sean Henry McCray – Football
Taylor Bupp – Girls Cross Country
Jennifer Kruger – Girls Volleyball
Sophia Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School
Alexander Schuckert – Boys Cross Country
Isaac Oden – Boys Volleyball
Amber Hayes – Competition Cheer
Zoe Barker – Field Hockey
Landon Snyder – Football
Ryan Bickel – Football
Caroline Kuhn – Girls Cross Country
Peyton Graff – Girls Volleyball
Sean Acree – Golf
Jacob Jennings – Marching Band

James River High School
Wesley Dejarnette – Boys Cross Country
Zachary Stevens – Boys Cross Country
Conor Gibbons – Boys Volleyball
Turner Landrum – Boys Volleyball
William Bickett – Boys Volleyball
Kendall Nichols – Competition Cheer
Noelle Schleider – Competition Cheer
Katherine McCann – Field Hockey
Clayton Dobler – Football
Antoinette Haines – Girls Cross Country
Avery Knight – Girls Cross Country
Elizabeth Benton – Girls Volleyball
Ireland Wolfe – Girls Volleyball
Taylor Grumiaux – Girls Volleyball
Brooks Sheppard – Golf
Maren Bredbenner – Marching Band
Martha Doyle – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School
Blake Nause – Boys Volleyball
Crevante Beasley – Boys Volleyball
Chizitara Njoku – Competition Cheer
Deleir Poteat – Competition Cheer
Janiyah Goode – Competition Cheer
Amari Wilson – Field Hockey
Charis Landis – Field Hockey
Kaitlyn Newman – Field Hockey
Ibraheem Ramadan – Football
Jashaun Amin – Football
Liam James – Football
Na’Tayah Carpenter – Girls Volleyball
Braydon Fields – Golf
Ethan Kelley – Golf
Hudson Krapf – Marching Band
Zachary Zatkulak – Marching Band

Manchester High School
Shane Krausse – Boys Cross Country
Haden Dunnavant – Boys Volleyball
Aubree Payne – Competition Cheer
Landri Dehaven – Competition Cheer
Cadence Mann – Field Hockey
Devin Bryant – Football
James Howard – Football
Jon Davis – Football
Kyree Richardson – Football
Brooke Nolen – Girls Cross Country
Kennedy Hembrick – Girls Volleyball
Niki Chan – Golf
Alexa Navarro – Marching Band
Anthony Skala – Marching Band
Devin George – Marching Band

Matoaca High School
Caleb Cooper – Boys Volleyball
Jack Polino – Boys Volleyball
Tim Uzochukwu – Boys Volleyball
Brianna Montalvo – Field Hockey
Brandon Lewis – Football
Caleb Williams – Football
Dillon Newton Short – Football
Ryley Justus – Football
Mia Neal – Girls Volleyball
Jonathan Gates – Golf

Meadowbrook High School
Josue Calderon Picado – Boys Cross Country
Ross Raqui – Boys Cross Country
Corey Bingham – Football
Elijah Lane – Football
Genesis Servellon Chavez – Girls Volleyball
Osmardo Del Cid Teo – Marching Band

Midlothian High School
William Hodge – Boys Cross Country
Ava Dames-Siegel – Competition Cheer
Camden Wood – Competition Cheer
Caroline Nelson – Competition Cheer
Andrew Perko – Football
Avery Heleniak – Football
Cameron Penn – Football
Cooper Meads – Football
Makhi Jackson – Football
Maxx Lawton – Football
Megan Lamberson – Girls Cross Country
Reagan McAdams – Girls Volleyball
Jacob Williams – Marching Band
Taj Davis – Marching Band

Monacan High School
Rylan Brocato – Boys Cross Country
Stefan Kapitanov – Boys Volleyball
Reagan Elmore – Competition Cheer
Camden Richardson – Football
D’Ivory Jenkins – Football
Shannon Wells – Football
Turner Johnson – Football
Mary Brown – Girls Cross Country
Cooper Dillman – Golf
Ka’eo Martin – Marching Band
Sam Aldridge – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School
Omar Lazo – Boys Cross Country
Wesley Graves – Boys Volleyball
Lillianne McMinn – Competition Cheer
Hannah Cimbal – Field Hockey
Aiden Jones – Football
Brandon Rose – Football
Carmon Milazzo – Football
Josh Jeter – Football
Nicholas Tyree – Football
Stephon Hicks – Football
Madeline Sawyer – Girls Cross Country
Chloe Bowers – Girls Volleyball
Legaci Taylor – Girls Volleyball
Alanys Mercado Alonzo – Marching Band
James Ridout – Marching Band


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