Fourth Grade
Five female teachers and one male teacher pose for a picture

Jordan Grinde, Widad Ahmad, Kayla Schoffstall, Katina Dietz, Kevin Gilbert, Ashlee Gutierrez (Left to Right)

Language Arts

Fourth-grade Language Arts continues to build on the skills and strategies learned throughout the kindergarten through third-grade years. In fourth grade, we start focusing on reading for learning through content reading in science and social studies. Students are expected to read between 20-30 minutes independently both at school and at home to improve comprehension and fluency. We focus on thinking while reading and expanding on our inferring and summarizing skills/strategies through whole group and small group reading. Word study focuses on grouped word sorts as well as word wall words including days of the week, months and common homophones.Writers work to expand on simple sentences by adding details through voice and expression. Fourth grade writers work to expand on simple sentences by adding details through voice and expression.


Fourth-grade math skills are expanded from third-grade math concepts. Students will explore numbers as wholes and fractions/decimals. Quick and accurate recall of basic number facts is essential in order to add/subtract/multiply/divide whole numbers to the hundred millions place value. Fourth-graders will also study geometry, patterns, and graphs.

Social Studies

Fourth-grade social studies encompasses the following SOL areas:

VS.2 Geography and early inhabitants of Virginia.
VS.3 First permanent English settlement in America.
VS.4 Life in the Virginia Colony.
VS.5 Role of Virginia in the American Revolution.
VS.6 Role of Virginia in the establishment of the new American nation.
VS.7 Divided nation/leading up the Civil War.
VS.8 Reconstruction following the Civil War.
VS.9 Twentieth century Virginia.
VS.10 Government, geography, and economics.

*In addition we take field trips to Pamplin Historical Park, Jamestown, St. John’s Church, and the State Capitol Building.

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