Language Arts

Kindergarten students will be engaged in a print-rich classroom environment to learn the concepts of print, basic phonetic principals, understanding of stories, and letter identification skills. They will be learning through a structured setting with direct instruction, individual, small group activities, and time exploring books and other printed materials. Students will also participate in various oral language activities to develop their listening and speaking skills, giving them the ability to enhance their communication skills. All aspects of literacy will be taught through a balanced literacy framework for instruction, enabling all students to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.


In Kindergarten, we work on early concepts of mathematical reasoning. In the very beginning of the year, expect to see lots of hands –on activities using manipulatives for counting 1-10. Teachers want to make sure that students have a strong understanding that numbers are symbols that represent real things whether it’s cubes, blocks or shoes. They’ll also work with pattern and shapes, learning to create and recognize repetitive patterns that they’ll translate into abstract skills in upper grades. They’ll also compare sizes of objects and discover concepts like more, less, and same. Later in the year, when they have fully grasped early counting, we will go on to breaking up numbers, counting by twos and doing early addition and subtraction, especially with hands-on discovery activities and “part-part-whole” activities.


We use a variety of hands-on activities to make discoveries about our world. We learn about the five senses and use them to gather information. Kindergarten students develop skills in questioning, measuring, sorting, classifying, and communicating information. We learn to “think like scientists!” Exciting units include our study of magnets, shadows, water, plants, weather, life cycles and how to be a good friend to our precious planet earth.

Social Studies

Our study of history and social science begins during the first days of kindergarten as we establish an understanding of how rules and respect for each other are part of good citizenship. We relate to the past and appreciate contributions of historical leaders as we make connections and honor special holidays and events throughout the year. We explore our lives considering needs and wants, as well as identifying and practicing core values. Students use maps and globes and take notice of the differences in life around the world as we seek global awareness.

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