The “Behind the Wheel” Driver Education program has been very successful here at JRHS. Each month approximately 25 – 30 students are taught in-car Driver Education (Behind the Wheel)by a staff of three Driver Education instructors. Over 290 students successfully complete the program each year.

  • Students can sign up for Behind the Wheel during lunches with Mr. Wilhelm.
  • Mr. Wilhelm sits out at a table (near the vending machines) during lunches and signs up students for Behind the Wheel. At that point they can talk with Mr. Wilhelm and pick which available dates work best for them. We ask that students take into account work schedules, team practice times as well as other commitments into consideration. Most of the year we stay on a good schedule with students driving on or before they are eligible for their license, there are some very busy times. We may get behind at the time the classroom part is completed and many students become eligible for Behind The Wheel as well as the end of the school year. We do drive during the summer so there is still time.

Behind The Wheel is a seven-day program with seven periods each of driving and observing, each day you will drive as well as observe. It is recommended that the students have some experience driving before starting (10-15 hours of driving with Parents/Guardians). The curriculum moves from driving skills in the parking lot on the first day to highway driving near the end. At every meeting the student needs to have their learner’s permit. The information provided here will help you plan all the steps needed to obtain a license. Knowing the proper procedure will help to ensure the students will move through the process efficiently.

Obtaining a Learner’s Permit

  • Complete the Virginia Driver’s License application form (DL1A); This may be obtained at the DMV. A parent or guardian must sign the application.
  • If the applicant is at least 15 years 6 months old, he/she may obtain an instruction permit at a DMV customer service center.
  • Provide proof of social security number.
  • Provide an original identification certifying name and date of birth.
  • Provide proof of residency.
  • Present certification of enrollment in school. (Available in the guidance office).
  • Pass the written test. 10 sign questions 100% Correct and 80% on the general knowledge portion (Books to study for the test are available at the DMV or from driver’s education teachers. If you don’t pass the test, you must wait 15 days before taking it again).
  • The student may take classroom and Behind the Wheel concurrently as long as that have completed at least 10 hours of classroom and have at least a “B” average.

Behind the Wheel

  • Fill out a grading form. (These forms are filled out with the driver education teachers the first week of school).
  • Fill out both white information forms, one from Chesterfield Co. and one from the State (PPF-18) (These are also available on the driver Education Board in the Open Commons in front of the Gym).
  • Bring these forms to Mr. Blankenbecler on the first two days of the week and sign up in the Open Commons in front of the Driver Education Board.

Obtaining A License

  • The student must successfully complete the driver education program.
  • The student must successfully complete the Behind the Wheel driver education. The school will then issue the student a TDL 180(Temporary Driver’s License for 180 days).
  • The student must have a learners permit for at least nine months and be at least 16 years 3 months before obtaining a license.
  • When the student turns sixteen years and 3 months old, the TDL-180 in combination with his/her learners permit is used as a temporary driver’s license.
  • Within 180 days of receiving the TDL-180, the local Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court will notify the student by mail to appear before the judge in order to receive his her permanent license. The Licensing ceremony will be on a Monday at 7:00 at L.C. Bird HS. You must wear clothes appropriate for court and arrive on time otherwise the Bailiff will NOT let you in.

If you have any other questions about either in car or classroom Driver Education please contact Mr. Wilhelm at If you leave a contact # he will try to call you because one email often leads to a series of emails over potentially a few days and I can usually answer all of your questions in a short phone conversation.

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