The James River Math Department continually builds a strong mathematical foundation while encouraging self-directed learning. We strive to motivate students to be creative and engaged in the learning process. The teachers in our department share many years of experience and enjoy working as a team. Students can choose from a variety of math courses from 9th grade through 12th grade. We strive to provide an encouraging atmosphere and enjoy teaching all learners at James River High.

Opportunities for Success

The math department wants to ensure students always have an opportunity for help. Teachers will share with students which days they are available during the Academic Enrichment Period (AEP) for which subjects. Many teachers also offer help during lunch and/or before and after school.

Math Center

The Academic Enrichment period is intended to be used by students to get extra help from teachers as needed and as requested by the students. Students request, in advance. a pass from their teacher to attend an AEP session on a given day. In addition to student initiated help, the math department will have Math Centers for each SOL subject during AEP on Tuesdays and Fridays in which the teacher signs the student up for a particular topic. The topic will be retaught on the first day and the student will have time for guided practice on the second day.

Math Lab

Room 2308 will be open for students during lunch and on specific days after school. A calendar will be posted in the hall way with available dates and times. Two math teachers will be in the lab to answer student questions. Computers are also available for students to use math software to help them with targeted concepts. A student needs a pass to go to the lab during AEP, but no pass is needed for lunch or after school.