The Visual Arts program at JRHS is thriving! Students have a wealth of art opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

The Visual Arts program engages the students in making art, looking at art, talking about art and learning about the cultural, social and historical context of art. Furthermore, the art program interfaces with other instructional disciplines and contributes to the understanding of learning outside of the art classroom. Through their art studies, students will broaden their cultural horizons and be empowered as lifelong learners.

Courses Offered

Art I, II, III, IV and AP
Studio Art courses emphasize the application of the elements and principles of art in drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, mixed media and more! You get a little bit of everything in these courses.

Photography 1, II, III, IV and AP
Students learn to create well-composed and compelling photographs using traditional film cameras, the darkroom, and digital techniques.

Digital Art & Graphic Design I, II, III, IV and AP 2D Design
Paint, draw, collage and more using the Adobe Creative Suite. Create works that communicate a message to an audience and explore many artful applications of text.

3D Design I, II, III
Explore sculptural concepts and traditional media such as clay, glass, fiber, paper and more.

Extra-Curricular Offerings

Art Guild: Any student can join in for a fun art activity once a month.

National Art Honor Society: A prestigious art organization that focuses on service.

Scholastic Art Awards: Students have the opportunity to submit work in December for local, state and national awards from the Scholastic Art organization.

James River Studio Art Website

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