Teacher of the Year

The 2021-2022 JRHS Teacher of the Year is Dr. Darlene Back!

Darlene Back is the epitome of an OUTSTANDING educator. She is a National Board Certified master teacher with a deep understanding of her curriculum and the way students learn. She creates engaging, diverse, high quality lessons for her students. She cares deeply for the social-emotional and academic wellness of her students and does whatever it takes to help them achieve and be successful. Darlene has EXCELLED at teaching her students online and in person and has been a role model for the teachers in the science department and the school. Darlene’s advanced knowledge of Canvas is a lifesaver for the science department when they have questions and she is always offering anyone help and training on Canvas and other technology related things. She continuously shares resources she finds and provides us with suggestions to improve our ability to teach our students. She is a tireless leader and advocate for teachers and students. As the science department chair, she supports the administrative team by providing leadership and input that improves the school environment. She supports the counseling department with her technology skills like the recommendation database for student scheduling. She impacts the overall building from top to bottom and is the epitome of Rapid Pride.