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Matoaca Elementary School


The 100th day of school is literally the 100th day of the school year. More importantly, it is a great way for Matoaca Elementary teachers to celebrate the various mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100. From the very first day of school, classes begin keeping track of the number of days they’ve been in school in anticipation of the 100th day. It’s this anticipation that is actually the first math lesson, as the days are often marked using coffee stirrers or Popsicle sticks, ten of which become a “ten bundle,” paving the way to counting by tens and ones.

Teacher with four students who are holding up the masks they made for 100 day.

March is Music in Our Schools Month as well as Youth Art Month.  This exciting opportunity combines the two!  We have invited Lewis Achenbach, a Chicago artist and founder of Jazz Occurrence, who has published “Hear This Book.”  The book is a compilation of documentary drawings that have been created during live jazz shows.  Mrs. Bailey and I plan to work with each grade level to explore the history and culture of jazz.  They will be painting alongside the artist.  A Jazz Combo will be here for a concert.  Some students will also be actively engaged in their own compositions while the jazz performance occurs.

students line up to get an up close look at the bands instruments.

Matoaca Literacy Night was an event named “Making Matoaca Memories” The Way We Were.  We heard from former students talk about their favorite Matoaca memories.  We had a chance to talk to family and friends about our own memories and then we created a quilt square that was then made into a memory quilt.  These quilts will hang in our new Elementary School.

Classroom shot with families and teachers speaking to each other.

At Chesterfield County’s Elementary Robotics Tournament, the first of its kind in the county, roughly 400 students from 26 county elementary schools competed against each other using Sphero and Dash robots. With teams divided by type of robot, school and into two age groups, the competition gave second- through fifth-grade students the opportunity to problem solve in real time as they attempted to complete tasks with the robots.

Four students pose with teacher in front of Robotics Sign at competition.