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Matoaca Elementary School

First Grade
First grade is such a milestone—crossing that bridge from kindergarten to a whole new world of experiences and expectations. Students will have many opportunities to grow and “show what they know!”
Language & Literacy

For reading, students will study a variety of genres (including realistic fiction, non-fiction, biography, and fantasy) during both whole group and small group time. We will be strengthening our reading strategies, such as making predictions, inferring, and questioning.

In writing, students will learn the ways of sharing personal narratives by utilizing “The Event Frame;” we will focus on conventions, descriptive word choice, and sentence variety.


Students will continue exploring the world of “hands-on” mathematics using manipulatives. First graders will also begin learning and internalizing addition and subtraction strategies; daily review of basic facts will be such an asset! We will also practice the basics of graphing, telling time, fractions, and counting money.


We will take a look at our past and present as we study important leaders, holidays, and aspects of good citizenship. Students will also learn about map skills, their community, and patriotic symbols.

Social Studies

Get your thinking caps on as students conduct and observe scientific experiments, discover how our world changes from season to season, and learn how we can take care of our planet when we focus on natural resources and the three “R”s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Students will also observe and learn about the characteristics and needs of plants and animals.