en English

Matoaca Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an exciting year for students! They will have many opportunities to learn and grow as the year progresses.

Language & Literacy

For reading, students will study a variety of genres including realistic and historical fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy.  In writing, students will refine their use of The Event Frame as they explore figurative language, introductory clauses, and sentence variety.


Students will continue their multiplication and division facts, working with fractions, place value, decimals, and multi-step word problems. We also study probability, graphing, and geometry.


We will explore electricity with STEM projects by making our own hands free lantern! Students will also study space, plants, and weather.

Social Studies

We will be covering Virginia’s History starting with Jamestown and ending with the 20th Century! We will get to travel to Jamestown and Pamplin Park to see first hand how life in Virginia was during those time periods.