Matoaca Elementary School


In Kindergarten we begin the year by learning the rules of the classroom.  We begin our journey of lifelong learning and making new friends.  Smiles abound in Kindergarten!

Language & Literacy

Students will be learning letter and sound recognition.  They will have 33 word wall words to master and by the end of the school year they will be reading these words and using them in their writing.


Math is all around us. We begin each day discussing our calendar. Throughout the year you can find us counting cubes, number rods, and other math materials. These materials help kindergartners work with a larger set of numbers. Children also begin to use these materials to solve simple addition and subtraction problems, like how many cookies they’ll have left after they’ve shared some with a friend.


Kindergartners will be learning to observe nature around them.  They will identify patterns of change in their surroundings

Social Studies

We will be focusing on good citizenship, famous Americans, and American holidays.

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