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Matoaca Elementary School

Second Grade

Second grade is an exciting year for students!  They will be refining their skills that they have learned in kindergarten and first grade.  They will be preparing for their next step of their educational journey into the upper level of elementary school.

Language Arts

For reading, students will study a variety of genres including realistic and historical fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy. In writing, students will focus on the creative process and learning to write with more structure and purpose. Students will continue their study of words and expand their vocabulary.


Students will focus on number concepts, counting money and measurement. In addition to other topics such as geometry, fractions and addition/subtraction story problems.


We explore magnets, the life cycles of plants and animals, meteorology, stages of matter and resources of our earth.

Social Studies

We will be studying Native Americans, citizenship, the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China, famous Americans and geography.