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The House System

The tribe system being used at MES has developed from research of the house system promoted by the Ron Clark Academy and some other, public schools.  This is a school-wide program that is a proactive approach to manage behavior. “Cash” tickets are awarded to tribe members for displaying TRACK behavior. Tickets earned turn into tribe points. Tribes’ scores will be announced and updated weekly. Top-earning tribe will earn a reward activity – TBD.

The TRACK Model
Take responsibility

What is a house system?

  • Originating in England
  • Historically associated with English public schools, especially full boarding schools where “house” referred to a boarding house at the school
  • Popularized by use in Harry Potter book series
  • Ex. House of Gryffindor
  • In modern times, used by schools to refer to grouping of students rather than to a particular building on campus
  • Also popularized by use in The Ron Clark Academy (teacher training/ demonstration school in Atlanta, GA)
  • Students AND staff are randomly assigned to different houses within a school
  • Schools can use any number of houses, typically 4 – 6
  • Houses have names with meanings of importance to culture of the school
  • Houses associate with a specific color – house color
  • Houses create/ associate with a crest – house crest
  • Design and symbols included, embedded with meaning important to house

Why are schools using a House System?

  • Imagine Tomorrow
  • CCPS mission: Ignite passion through authentic and captivating experiences
  • Helps to build community throughout school
  • Brings together students and staff from different grade levels/ roles
  • Helps build relationships that promote
    • Teamwork/ camaraderie/ positive energy
    • An ethic of care for others/ empathy/ social-emotional learning
    • Supports our PBIS goals
    • *Schools utilizing a house system are reporting decreases in the number of office referrals and increases in school attendance along with an increased sense of belonging even with increasing student enrollment or school size

How Can the House system work at Matoaca ES?

  • We could use 5 houses that connect to our TRACK (PBIS) goals –
      • T (Take responsibility) – Responsibility/ responsible … Vastuu (Finnish)
      • R (Respect) – Respect … Quantum (Latin)
      • A (Attitude) – Positive attitude, optimistic* … Optimismo (Spanish)
      • C (Citizenship) – Citizenship, community*… Comunità (Italian)
      • K (Kindness) – Kindness … Kalosỳni (Greek)
  • Need to decide on house colors and crests
  • PBIS subcommittees could be utilized with the house system
  • SEL/ Lesson Plan Committee
  • School Data Committee
  • Celebrations/ Assembly/ Awards Committee
  • House Points Committee