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Matoaca High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Behind the Wheel

Behind-the-Wheel Sign-up Process

To sign up for behind-the-wheel, students should go to the front office at Matoaca High School. To sign up, they need to bring:

NOTE: Students can pick up a packet of these documents in the front office to take home and complete prior to coming in to sign up, or they can print them from the above links.

  • Their learner’s permit.
  • Payment: $210 check made payable to Matoaca High School or exact change if you are paying with cash. Money orders are accepted as well.

When they sign up, they will receive a yellow form that they will give to their in-car instructor. They will also be contacted within a few days by the behind-the-wheel instructor to schedule their driving dates.

Parent & Teen Handbook