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Matoaca High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Course Offerings

Committed to preparing each student for his/her future, the professional learning community of Matoaca High School offers a wide range of academic, business, fine arts, and career and technical education courses. Courses for students with special needs, gifts/talents, and interests include:

Advanced Placement (AP) – English Literature, English Language, Calculus, World History, United States History, United States and Virginia Government, Chemistry, Spanish, French, Latin, Psychology, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Studio Art

Dual Enrollment w/John Tyler Community College – College Composition, General Biology, Pre-Calculus, Business Computer Applications (BCA), Web Design, Architectural Drawing, Engineering Drawing, Teachers for Tomorrow, Spanish, Oracle, CISCO, Anatomy and Physiology

Honors – English 9-11, World History/Geography (beginnings to 1500 and 1500 to present), Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry Analysis, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Literature and Science in Society, Orchestra, International Business and Marketing, Marketing Management, French, German, Latin, Japanese Art, Band, Oracle, CISCO, Digital Video Productions (DVP), Robotics and Gaming, 3D Design and Gaming, Electronic Communications, United States History, United States Government, Chorus, Art, Crafts, Photo, Technology Service Learning (TSL)

Special/Exceptional Education – courses for the mild and moderately disabled, emotionally disabled, learning disabled, severly disabled, and high-intensive students.

Career and Technical Education – Principles of Business and Marketing, Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Office Specialist 1 & 2, Global Marketing and Commerce, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Digital Marketing, Information Technology Fundamentals, Keyboarding Applications, Computer Integrated Applications, Business Computer Applications, Basic Technical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Engineering Drawing, Electronic Communications, Web Design, CISCO, Oracle, Computer Programming, Automated Production Systems (APS), Robotics, Programming/Robotics and Gaming, Business Management, Computer Networking Hardware Operations, AP Computer Science Principles

Chesterfield Technical Center (CTC) – 28 programs offered

Online Courses – courses offered via the Internet through the Coordinated Studies Program in Chesterfield County and the Virtual High School Program range from required academics for graduation to unique elective courses.