Matoaca High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Specialty Center

Center for Information Technology

Mission Statement

The Center for Information Technology (CIT) will provide students with an opportunity to become engaged in an intensive program of technological studies developed through a collaborative relationship with the business and academic communities. The program will challenge and motivate students to demonstrate a strong commitment to learning both in terms of the mastery of subject content and the development of the skills and discipline necessary for success in a competitive technological global economy.

General Information

The Center for Information Technology was founded in 2002 with the opening of the new Matoaca High School. The center was designed for those students who are interested in computer usage and feel like they learn best when they are able to use technology in every subject or most assignments. Also students of the center usually feel that their career pathway includes many digital or computer related fields that currently exist.

With this broad scope of personal expectations taken into consideration, our goal is to attempt to meet the needs of the individual students’ needs therefore fulfilling their desired outcomes. In the simplest terms, student choices continue throughout their high school career depending entirely on individual needs.

Students are prepared to live, learn and work successfully in a digital communication age with the following attributes:

High Academic Standards
Technological Fluency
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Information Literacy
Independence in Learning
Critical Thinking Abilities
Economic Viability

Students will be expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service per year. The community service can be completed either in school (helping with fairs and interviews) or out of school (working in your community).

Specialty Center Coordinator

Mrs. Jill Anderson
(804) 590-3108 ext. 203