Matoaca Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Technology Education

Eighth Grade – Technological Systems:

Students combine resources and techniques to create systems, attaining comprehension of how technological systems work. Students will explore, design, analyze, and evaluate technological systems. By simulating systems and assessing their impacts, students gain insight into how to approach the problems and opportunities of a technological world. They also explore technology-oriented careers.

Seventh Grade – Inventions and Innovations:

Students make models of significant inventions that have advanced society. After studying these developments, they explore contemporary technological problems facing them, their community, or the world and apply a systematic procedures to invent new products or innovations as solutions.

Sixth Grade – Introduction to Technology:

Students study the resources of all technology, including tools, energy, materials, people, time, information, and capital. This also includes the problem-solving process and various hands-on activities. They explore up to six systems of technology, including medical, agricultural and related bio-technologies, energy and power, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, and construction. Students relate the impact of technology on society, environment, and culture to future consequences and decisions.