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Meadowbrook High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to receive quality instruction in the arts and are capable of achieving success. Our goal is to bring together the school community, celebrate our students’ artistic abilities, and illustrate what it means to be a Monarch!

Student Organizations: Art Club, National Art Honors Society

No Experience Required

Photo 1, Art 1, 3D Art 1, Film Production 1, Digital Art 1

Experience Required

Photo 2 &3, Art 2 &3, 3D Art 2-4, Digital Art 2-4


Photo 1-3, Art 1-3,
3-D Art 1-3

Megan Lane
Remind Group Codes: go to http://rmd.at/a8h4cf or text @a8h4cf to 81010

Courses taught:Art 1-4, AP 2-d Art

Interesting fact: Working with textiles/fabric is one of my favorite art processes!

Dan Palese
Email: daniel_palese@ccpsnet.net
Phone Number: 804 432 7838

Courses taught: Photo 1-4

Interesting fact: I love Fishing

Adam White
Email: adam_white@ccpsnet.net

Courses taught: Digital Art 1-4, Theatre Production 1

Interesting fact: I love to blend new technologies with traditional art. I have a collection of aquariums and I host the Anime club!

Mackenzie Gillespie
Email: Mackenzie_Gillespie@ccpsnet.net

Courses taught: Photo 1

Interesting fact: I have over 80 plants in my apartment!

Jackie Vames
Email: jaclyn_vames@ccpsnet.net
Remind Group Codes: Film Production – @eh6c8g
Photo 1 – @g82b3a
Digital Media & Graphic Design 1 – @da3ebc
Google Voice Number: 804-601-6263

Courses taught: Film Production 1, Photo 1, Digital Media & Graphic Design 1

Interesting fact: I have been acting in film and television for 11 years.

Amber Kuper
Google Voice Number: (804) 396-3989

Courses taught: Art 1

Interesting fact: I love teaching art and have also taught at the elementary and middle school levels.

Remind Group Codes:
Remind group code for Period 1 odd/even: KuperArt
Remind group code for Period 2 even: ArtP2even
Remind group code for Period 4 even: ArtP4even
Remind group code for Period 3 odd: ArtP3odd
Remind group code for Period 4 odd: ArtP4odd
Remind group code for Homeroom: KuperHome

Wendy Padgett
Email: wendy_padgett@ccpsnet.net
Course Instagram @mbk3dart

3D Design 1-4 & AP

Interesting fact: I am a working artist and enjoy a wide variety of media. My focus is ceramics for over 20 years, jewelry design, and oil painting.

Meredith Ose
Email: meredith_ose@ccpsnet.net

Courses taught: 3D Design 1, Photo 1, Yoga Club

Interesting fact: I love learning about the world through art. I am also a certified Yoga instructor and I produce the Meadowbrook Mindful Moments Project.

Join here: https://mychesterfieldschools.instructure.com/courses/100657