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Meadowbrook High School

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The Math Department at Meadowbrook High School offers a wide selection of math and courses ranging from Algebra 1 to the AP Level. Three credits of math are required for a Standard Diploma, and four credits of math are required for an Advanced Diploma.

Most students will complete Algebra I during their eighth grade year. Students typically follow the following sequence in math: Algebra 1–>Geometry–>Algebra II–>Trig/Analysis–>Calculus or Statistics. Some students may take Geometry Part 1 and/or AFDA to further develop their math skills before moving on to Geometry or Algebra II. We also offer several math electives that have prerequisite requirements. See Math Electives to see if you meet those requirements. We encourage all students to take math courses through their senior year.

Our goal is for every student to be successful in mathematics; therefore, the math department offers many opportunities for extra help. All of our teachers are available to work with students after school in individual settings and we encourage students to seek out help during SDS every morning. Students should always feel free to check with teachers to find the best time to get the assistance they need. The math department will also hold monthly review sessions for Geometry and Algebra 2. Teachers will share details about these and other opportunities with students and parents as they become available. We also encourage students to attend the SOL and SAT Academy’s put on by CCPS.

We want you to succeed, so please do not wait until it’s too late to ask for the help that you need.

743-3675 Ext. 6255

Math Department:

Brown, Rickey
Daszkiewicz, Paul
De Leon, Sebastian
Delcamp, Dudley
Finotti, Timothy
Fukuma, Tsugumi
Glover, Lawrence*
Hutcherson, Eric
Matthews, Frederick*
Payton, Dante * (Sub)
Reilly, James
Reilly, Virginia
Roulidis, Pamayiota (Gigi)*
Saffore, Joella*
Washington, Regina
Whitt, Alice