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Meadowbrook High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


In the performing arts department, we set a standard of excellence to inspire our students to present the best version of themselves both on and off of the stage. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to receive quality instruction in the arts and are capable of achieving success. In all performing arts classes, we emphasize the importance of creativity, innovation, respect, self-discipline, and collaboration which are valuable and transferable skills as global citizens. Our goal is to bring together the school community and celebrate our students’ individual gifts and talents as well as their collective hard work through concerts, productions, and events that highlight what it truly means to be a Monarch!

Student Organizations: Tri-M Music Honors Society, MBK Gospel Choir, Cliche Improv. Team

Extra Curricular: Roaring Regiment Marching Band, Show Choir, Men’s Choir

Chorus Website: https://sites.google.com/ccpsnet.net/mbkchorus/home



Mixed Chorus,
Theatre 1,
Theatre Production 1, Technology Assisted Music

Experience Required

Instrumental Ensemble,
Advanced Band,
Treble Choir,
Theatre 2,
Theatre Production 2-4

Audition Required

Vocal Ensemble 1 & 2, Theatre 3,
Symphonic Band,
Jazz Band

Honors (audition and test)

Symphonic Band,
Vocal Ensemble 1 & 2, Theatre 4

Ariel Mitchell – Department Chair
804-743-3675 ext. 6223
Email: arielr_mitchell@ccpsnet.net
Remind Group Code: @egadb7
Website: https://sites.google.com/ccpsnet.net/mbkchorus/home
Instagram: @mbkchorus

Courses taught: Honors Vocal Ensemble1 (Monarch Chorale), Vocal Ensemble 2 (Amani Women’s Choir), Treble Choir, Mixed Chorus (Concert Choir)

Interesting fact: I have performed with choral ensembles in several venues around the world including Paris, France; London, England; and Venice, Italy!

Jared Taylor
Contact information: 804-743-3675 ext.
Email: jared_taylor@ccpsnet.net

Courses taught: Theatre 1-4, Theatre Production 1-4

Interesting fact: I studied and was able to perform onstage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

William L. Prentiss, Jr
Instrumental Music
804-743-3675 ext. 6249
Email: william_prentiss@ccpsnet.net

Courses Taught: Advanced Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Orchestra, Tech Assisted Music (Music Production)

Interesting Fact: I once played with Max Roach and Clark Terry.

Adam White
Email: adam_white@ccpsnet.net

Courses taught: Theatre Production 1

Interesting fact: I love to blend new technologies with traditional art. I have a collection of aquariums and I host the Anime club!