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Meadowbrook High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The Meadowbrook Science Department staff is dedicated to preparing all students for life after high school. The staff members are a diverse group of dedicated professionals who provide instruction in a variety of courses. The MBK Science Department currently offers SOL tested classes in Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry. Additionally, Biology II, Ecology, Health Science Careers, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, IB Chemistry and AP Chemistry are currently offered to students to complete the science requirements of their chosen diploma. In the future, classes in AP Environmental Science and AP Biology will be offered. With the increased rigor and difficultly in State Standards and in State Testing, all SOL science classes and most other science classes will experience an increase in rigor and difficulty level that will require students to achieve higher levels of critical thinking skills and understanding.

743-3675 Ext. 6316

Science Department:

Applewhite, Josh
Brewer, Kimberly
Carroll, Kensey(McGrath)
Cox, Dorinda*
Dahlquist, Lindsey*
Deligan, Anita
Eisert-Wlodarczyk, Sara
Gatens, Chris
Green, Harold*
Henriques, Belinda
Lloyd, Jason
Moxley, Judith
White, LeKeisha