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Social Studies: At Meadowbrook High School, teachers believe in the importance of assisting students on their educational journey to recognize that history is more than facts and figures, but rather making connections from the past to the present as well as making it relative to their daily lives.  Students conclude their four years of high school better prepared with tools to think analytically, critically and how to be productive global citizens.  

Classroom Experience:  Here at Meadowbrook, teachers are facilitators in their students’ learning.  The traditional stereotypes of Social Studies teachers do not exist at Meadowbrook.  Students are encouraged to question everything with an inquisitive eye, and to practice articulating and defending their beliefs in order for them to adapt to an infinite learner mindset. The Social Studies department at MBK helps students learn how to create sustainable, positive change in a global society through differentiated instruction.  In conjunction with Chesterfield County’s growth plan, teachers at Meadowbrook High School encourage students to be effective communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, creators, and citizens.   

Student Organizations: W.E.B. DuBois Honor Society, ESL Mentors, National Beta Club

World History 1 World History 2 VA & U.S. History VA & U.S. GovernmentHuman Geography World History United States History Government PsychologyHistory of the Americas 20th Century Topics PsychologySociology Black & Latin Am. History Women’s History

Department Leader:  Jelani Lynch

Current Course(s):  AP Human Geography, African & Latin American History, VA & U.S. Government

Interesting fact: My first paying job was at MCV conducting cancer research.  Did I mention that I was only 15?

Contact information

Email:  jelani_lynch@ccpsnet.net 

Google Voice Number:  (804) 601-0283

Mr. Ryan Bures

Current Course(s): World History 2, VA & U.S. History


Interesting fact: Once watched Kobe Bryant play my uncle’s high school basketball team. Kobe won.

Contact information 

Email: ryan_bures@ccpsnet.net 

Google Voice Number: (804) 322-9783

Ms. Kelly Callahan

Current Course(s):  Sociology, VA & U.S. History, VA & U.S. Government, AP Psychology

Interesting fact: I am SCUBA certified and have been diving with sharks.

Contact information 

Email: kelly_callahan@ccpsnet.net

Mr. Ryan Dondero

Current Course(s): VA & U.S. History

Interesting fact: I’m an Irish citizen

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Email: ryan_dondero@ccpsnet.net

Google Voice Number: (213) 290-4632

Mr. David Glass

Current Course(s): World History 1, ESL Mentors

Interesting fact: I coached women’s college basketball at VCU and Notre Dame before becoming a teacher. I also was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). I also love to ride my bike on the VA Capital Trail, run, and cook.

Contact information 

Email: david_glass@ccsnet.net 

Google Voice Number: (804) 715-2736

Mr. Gabriel Hochstetler

Current Course(s): VA & U.S. History, IB Psychology

Interesting fact: After high school I lived in Germany for 2 ½ years before attending JMU. 

Contact information 

Email: gabriel_hochstetler@ccpsnet.net

Mrs. Tiffany Huff

Current Course(s): IB 20th Century Topics, VA & U.S. Government

Interesting fact: I was selected as a member of the WVU Homecoming Court my senior year in college. I have also traveled to The Netherlands. 

Contact information 

Email: tiffany_huff@ccpsnet.net 

Google Voice Number: (804) 506-3853

Ms. Cherie Justice

Current Course(s): World History 1, AP World History

Interesting fact: I have traveled to Greece and France and climbed the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumph

Contact information 

Email: cherie_justice@ccpsnet.net

Ms. Shannon Maitland

Current Course(s): VA & US History, IB of the Americas

Interesting fact: 

Contact information 

Email: alexis_mcpoland@ccpsnet.net 

Google Voice Number: (804) 592-1839

Ms. Alexandria Purifoy

Current Course(s):  World History 2

Interesting fact: Before teaching, I worked at the DMV for 7 years. 

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Google Voice Number:  (804) 424-2130

Mr. Zachary Roland

Current Course(s):  World History 1

Interesting fact: 

Contact information 

Email: zacharyr_roland@ccpsnet.net

Google Voice Number: (804) 214-6318

Mr. Michael Sun

Current Course(s):  World History 1

Interesting fact: My great-grandfather started a circus and changed his last name to Sun.

Contact information 

Email: michael_sun@ccpsnet.net

Google Voice Number: 804-495-0016

Mr. Anthony Taylor

Current Course(s): World History 1

Interesting fact: I played college football and have two state championship rings as a coach – one from MBK in 2004!

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Email: anthony_taylor@ccpsnet.net

Mrs. Courtney Tritt

Current Course(s): VA & U.S. Government, AP Government

Interesting fact: I have a silver medal from the Commonwealth Games for basketball.  

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Email: Courtney_Tritt@ccpsnet.net 

Google Voice Number: 804-404-3277

Mrs. Julia Warren

Current Course(s): VA & US History, Honors VA & US History, Advanced Placement US History

Interesting fact: I am a cousin of President Grover Cleveland, and we both are descendants of Stephen Hopkins who came to America on the Mayflower on my father’s side. On my mother’s side we came to America to Jamestown in 1609 on the “Blessing”.

Contact information 

Email: julia_warren@ccpsnet.net

Google Voice Number:804-250-1595