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The World Languages Department supports the mission of Chesterfield County Public School and Meadowbrook High School. Our department recognizes the importance and academic benefits that come with learning a second language. The ability to communicate in a second language is a desirable, if not essential, goal for all students. Guided by a Project Based Learning approach to instruction, the department supports the acquisition of a second language as a life skill for all students. Embedded in our World Language curricula are lessons that teach students to:

  • Express ideas in both verbal and written modes
  • Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of language, culture, media, and the arts using all four target areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Immersed in variety of resources and use of technologies
  • Recognize different perspectives and acknowledging individual’s rights to opinion

The Meadowbrook World Languages Department currently offers the following courses: Spanish levels 1-7, Natives level 1-3, IB Spanish, AP Spanish Language and Culture, French 1-4, IB French, Japanese1-3. To obtain the advance diploma, students need to complete three consecutive courses of one language. There is a second option to graduate with an advance diploma. Students can opt to complete two courses in one language and two in another. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who are up to date with the latest in methodology in our endless effort to help students succeed.

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World Language Department:

Baird, Claudia
Durham, Nicole
Linthicum, Janice
Street, Georgina
Taveras, Adam
Wendt, Sarah