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Portrait of Dr. Terry

Marcie R. Terry, Ed. D.

Dr. Terry is a former chemistry teacher entering her ninth year in education. She is a native of Brunswick County, VA, and graduate of Hampton University (B.S), GA Tech (M.S.), and Virginia State University (Ed.D). She has two children, and she resides in Chester, VA.

Candid photo of Deborah Romig

Deb Romig
Associate Principal

804-743-3675 ext. 6234
Email: Deborah_Romig@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: Mej- Rod   (Paired with Counselor – Erin Robillos)

Academic Departments:  Special Education

Dr. Romig is a career switcher with previous experience at Bank of America and Stewart Enterprises. She started as a Special Education teacher, emotional disturbance at Manchester High School in August of 2000.  While there, she coached cross country and track and field, was a senior class co-sponsor, teacher trainer, and became Teacher of the Year in 2011.  She then accepted a position as an assistant principal at Monacan High School from the fall of 2011 – 2019.  While there, she became involved with providing student leadership opportunities for students and sponsoring student leadership summits each spring.  In 2018. Monacan hosted the Ken Tilley VHSL Student Leadership Conference for the state of Virginia.  Also during this time, she earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Dr. Romig is proud to be a part of the Monarch family and seeks to bring opportunities for student growth to the Meadowbrook community. 

Why Statement: Empowering students to believe in themselves.

Candid photo of Christina Frias

Christina Frias
Assistant Principal

804-743-3675 ext. 6401
Email: Christina_Frias@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: ESL Levels 1 & 2  (Paired with Counselor – Nataly Deus)

Academic Departments: World Languages, International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, and Social Studies

Ms. Frias is excited and honored to serve as one of your new assistant principals this school year. As a CCPS graduate of the Spanish Immersion Program at Manchester High School, she believes and values culture, inclusion, infinite learning, and supporting the whole child.  She attended VCU  where she earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary Education and Spanish language.  She has earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Liberty University and then an Educational Specialist (EdS) degree in Administration and Supervision from Virginia Tech.  Before becoming an assistant principal, she taught elementary school then IB Spanish.

Why Statement: I love inspiring young lives and helping students to grow. An essential aspect of instruction for me has been forming meaningful relationships and making learning relevant for students.  I firmly believe in creating a “fan club” for each student, and that ALL students CAN learn with the right support from their fan club.

Treena Leecost
Assistant Principal

Phone: 804-743-3675 ext.6423
Email: Treena_Leecost@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: Rodr-Z  (Paired with Counselor – Jessica Mason)

Departments: Math and Library

Ms. Leecost joined the Meadowbrook family in 2018 as an assistant principal. She is proud to be a Monarch and even more excited to serve in such a wonderful, diverse learning community.  Ms. Leecost attended Old Dominion University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Education and Central Michigan University where she earned a master’s degree in administration. In 2007, Ms. Leecost completed the PK-12 Supervision and Leadership certification program at the University of West Georgia. The 2020-2021 school year marks the beginning of her 13th year in school administration. During this time, she has served as an assistant principal in Henrico and Chesterfield and an assistant principal and interim principal in Richmond City Schools.  Ms. Leecost believes her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to her son Drew as well as a mentor to many students and teachers. She affirms that education changes lives!. It is the greatest investment of time that a person can make.  

Why Statement: Each and every day we have a chance to impact the lives of others in a meaningful way. I am an educator because I know that education has the power to change the quality of a person’s life and I am passionate about helping students who others have counted out.

Candid photo of Vadella Ellis-Pope

Vadella Ellis Pope
Assistant Principal

804-743-3675 ext. 6244
Email: Vadella_Ellispope@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: He-Mei  (Paired with Counselor – Travis Luck)

Departments:  English, and ESL

This is Ms. Ellis-Pope’s third year at Meadowbrook High School.  Prior to working at Meadowbrook, she taught at L.C. Bird High school in the Science Department.  Ms. Ellis-Pope has earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia in Environmental Science and two master’s degrees from the University of Virginia as well.  One degree is in teaching and the other in Administration and Supervision. Ms. Ellis-Pope currently has her National Board certification in Earth and Space Science. 

Why Statement: New students matriculate to Meadowbrook every year.  Every year, month, and day should be better than the one before.  I am here to model personal and lead institutional improvement as well as support colleagues and students in their own efforts to improve

Candid photo of Kevin Socha

Kevin Socha
Dean of Students

804-743-3675 ext. 6212
Email: Kevin_Socha@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: Con-Ha  (Paired with Counselor – Amanda Kramer)

Academic Departments:  Fine Arts and Performing Arts, and Health and Physical Education

Kevin Socha earned his bachelor’s degree in Special Education and History from Western Michigan University, his Master’s in Education Leadership from the Virginia Commonwealth University, This is his 16th year in education and his third year at Meadowbrook. Before becoming a Dean of Students, Mr. Socha taught Special Education and Social Studies in Henrico and Hanover counties at the middle school and high school levels.  His experiences in education have been wide and diverse: special education teacher; regular education social studies teacher; summer school coordinator; social studies department chair; safety coordinator; and now the Dean of Students at Meadowbrook High School.

Why Statement: I work with students and teachers to help them unlock their hidden potential, remove barriers, and instill a culture of lifelong learning.

Candid photo of Joshua Justus

Josh Justus
Dean of Students

804-743-3675 ext. 6228
Email: Jousha_Justus@ccpsnet.net
Students Last Name: A-Com  (Paired with Counselor – Gregory James)

Departments: Science, MADE, CTE

Mr. Justus is an experienced educator with experience in Health Science and Physical Education, Coaching, Athletic Directing, and Administration. He received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from Radford University and a master’s degree in Leadership of Education from Salem International University.  Raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia by a family of educators; he is a very hard-working individual that is driven to help all students become successful in school, college, and the pathway of their choice.  In addition to his primary job functions, Mr. Justus has received the Apple of My Eye award as he was recognized for his extraordinary commitment and dedication to the students.  When he is not busy working to make a brighter future for the students; he enjoys training and showing his Italian Mastiff Cane Corso’s and most importantly spending time with his wife Reese and two beautiful children Kaylee and Jace.  

Why Statement: To provide our youth with the opportunity to dream big and become successful citizens.  To impart life lessons and positively influence their decisions, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses.