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June 2020

Summer School and Summer Recovery of Learning

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Greetings all! I wanted to make sure that all families are aware that the registration window for summer school is currently open.

There are two types of courses being offered, but all courses will be online and not offered in a face to face classroom setting.

First is a full summer school course that is new to a student that counts for a full high school credit. For example, I have never taken Biology before, but I want to take it this summer to open a space in my schedule for next year. Or, I only have one course left to take to qualify for a diploma, and so I want to take it during the summer and then graduate at the end of summer. The cost for this type of course is $250. The link to the information and registration page is here:

The second type of course is a recovery of learning course. This would be for students who took a course during the school year, but either failed the course or received a low grade. These courses are free. Students completing recovery of learning opportunities would have their work added to the work completed during the school year to pull up the grade received. Or, students may enroll in this type of course if they feel they did not master the material from the course and need a strong review for skill strengthening. The registration link for this type of courses is here: