Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Jocelyn Carver
Department Chair

The English Department of Manchester High School aims to develop a community of effective communicators who actively use reflection, inquiry, and critical thinking to explore and analyze meaning and style in texts from different periods and genres. We want students at all grades and levels to learn communication and writing strategies so they can effectively communicate their ideas orally and in writing in order to become more culturally aware global citizens who also appreciate and enjoy language and literature.

We affirm we are a community of writers. We encourage critical thinking, critical reading, depth of thought, creativity, and clear, concise communication in academic research and real-world applications. Our goal is to help students become capable communicators through the development of both academic and work-based skills, engagement with opportunities geared for multiple intelligences, inclusion of cross-curricular activities, and an emphasis on the individual and his or her personal learning needs at the appropriate rigor. Students will become more comfortable with their skills and their ability to wield the written word as a valuable tool in their lives.

English Elective Offerings:
 AP English Language  Course overview
Prerequisites = Successful completion of English 10. Recommendation of teacher or counselor.
Taken in place of English 11 or as a separate elective.
 AP English Literature  Course overview
Prerequisites = Successful completion of English 11 or AP Language. Recommendation of teacher or counselor.
Taken in place of English 12 or as a separate elective.
 Dual Enrollment English Taken in place of English 12. Students who earn a C or better will receive 6 college credit hours through John Tyler Community College. Introduces students to critical thinking and academic writing. Writing activities include exposition and argument with at least one researched essay. Prerequisite = dual enrollment application process.
 Journalism  Students in this course design and write for the school newspaper, the Lancer. Students learn the basics of running a newspaper, writing stories and advertising. PageMaker and Photoshop are taught.
 Library Science  Students pursue library and technology-related study projects. They develop an expertise in research and information skills. Students will assist students and teachers with Google apps and chromebook integration. Prerequisite = application process through library staff.
 Creative Writing  This class explores writing personal narratives, short fiction, poetry, and plays as well as various special artistic projects. We revise for possible inclusion in contests and publications and produce the school’s literary magazine.
 Yearbook  Students produce the school yearbook while learning desktop publishing, layout design, photography, advertising and sales. Prerequisite = application process.
 Ethics in Culture and Film  Students study the history and development of film. Students will watch a variety of films, draw comparisons and contrasts, and analyze content and style. The films deal with characters facing moral and ethical dilemmas. Prerequisite = application process.
 Communications  Students develop public speaking skills, working to build confidence, and practicing informative, persuasive, demonstration, and extemporaneous speeches.
 Mythology  The stories and legends of mythology influence the history, literature and everyday lives of world cultures.