Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Treon Simon
SFC, U. S. Army (Retired)
Phone: 804-639-6679

Col. Anthony Atlas
Senior Army JROTC Instructor

Phone: 804-639-6679

Enrollment in any of the JROTC courses does not obligate the student for future military service. Scholarships may be available for qualified students. There is a uniform deposit as well as class fees.

JR941 – Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 1
Grade Levels 9-12
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. This course will provide a greater appreciation of our American heritage. It is designed to help you feel good about yourself, physically and mentally. This course will provide the tools to assist in developing the fundamentals of self-discipline, integrity, and responsibility. The development of good citizenship, self-reliance, leadership skills, respecting authority, and becoming knowledgeable of basic military skills are topics that will be discussed. Regular uniform checks are required. A $30 fee is required.
Prerequisite: Regular school attendance, at least 14 years of age.

JR942 – Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 2
Grade Levels 10-12
This course builds on JROTC 1. Techniques of communication will teach how to convey a message to others through writing and oral presentations. Leadership will concentrate on values, good judgment, and basic management skills. A $30 fee is required.
Prerequisite: JR941, see above

JR943 – Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 3
Grade Levels 11-12
This course will build upon the first two years and will concentrate in applied leadership. Problem solving techniques and supervising skills in different situations with subordinates will be developed. Duties as battalion leaders will be required. A $30 fee is required.
Prerequisite: JR941 & JR942, see above

JR944 – Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 4
Grade Levels 12
During the fourth and last year, the cadet progresses to courses in psychology of leadership. The positive and negative leadership traits and styles are explored. At this final stage, cadets will learn how to handle an ethical dilemma while still maintaining a high standard of personal conduct. A $30 fee is required.
Prerequisite: JROTC 1-3, see above