Manchester High School

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Band Director – Mr. Chris Fens email:
Orchestra Director -Mrs. Kathy Robinson email:

Band Students will have school and community performances on a regular basis. Band trips will also take place throughout the year. A $30.00 fee is required for marching band.

Course Offerings:

PA312 – Advanced (Concert) Band Grade Levels 9-12
The Concert Band is designed to develop, through the study of advanced band literature and techniques, the musician who is studying the basics of music. Membership in the marching band is strongly encouraged. A $10 fee is required.
Prerequisite: Minimum 1 year playing experience

PA313 – Symphonic Band Grade Levels 9-12
This class is composed of the top instrumentalists at MHS. This ensemble performs a high level of band literature and builds upon the techniques and skills learned in the Concert Band. A $10 fee is required.
Prerequisite: Audition and membership in the marching band.

PA611 – Intermediate Orchestra Grade Levels 9-12
Students are give the opportunity to advance their playing skills and will perform in concerts throughout the year. Music includes string orchestra and full orchestra consisting of classical, popular, jazz, and all varieties of music. A $10 fee is required. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED. Prerequisite: At least 1 year of prior experience.

PA612 – Concert Orchestra Grade Levels 10-12
Concert Orchestra provides an opportunity for students to study string and ensemble literature. In addition, students will continue to develop the technical advancement skills needed for their instrument. A $10 fee is required. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED.
Prerequisite: PA611 and audition.

Director     Robyn Kim     email:     phone: 804-739-6275 x5109

Students may audition for or participate in the following groups:

Ensemble NameAudition RequirementAvailability
Treble ChoirNoneWomen only, 9-12
Men’s A CappellaPitch Recall, Scales, Audition PieceMen only, 9-12
Women’s A CappellaPitch Recall, Scales, Audition PieceWomen only, 10-12
Touch of Swing (Girls Show Choir)Pitch Recall, Scales, Audition Piece, DanceWomen only, 10-12
Women’s ChoralePitch Recall, Scales, Audition PieceWomen only, 10-12
Chamber Ensemble (Our Most Select Choir-Honors credit)Pitch Recall, Scales, Audition PieceMen & Women, 10-12
Capital Swing (Mixed Show Choir)Pitch Recall, Scales, Audition Piece, DanceMen & Women, 10-12

All students auditioning for an ensemble are asked to prepare approximately thirty seconds of a song that demonstrates their vocal ability.

Students interested in auditioning for show choir should realize the dedication, responsibility and accountability for joining this type of ensemble. Because these groups travel and compete, they have required extracurricular rehearsals that meet at least one day a week after school between January and March as well as other mandatory rehearsals during each time that our choreographer is in town, only three to four times a year. We do our best to schedule around sporting events and practices so that our students can participate in other activities and will work with coaches if a conflict arises.

Also, all students auditioning for Capital Swing and Touch of Swing should be aware that there is a charge associated with joining these ensembles. This charge was implemented at Manchester several years ago and many schools have gone to this system in the years following. The charge is set in place to cut the individual costs of each aspect of putting together a successful competition show. The charge as a whole will cover the cost of our choreographer, arrangers, show design and costume rental. For the 2012-2013 school year, the show choir charge is $350. All students and parents should be aware of this charge. Payment plans are available to all students and will be determined on an individual basis.

Kathy Robinson, Teacher
Email: Katherine_Robinson

PA521 – Guitar 1
Grade Levels 9-12
This is a beginning level class for those interested in learning to play. The emphasis will be on learning to read musical notation, chords, and basic guitar technique. A $10 fee is required. Guitar provided by the school

PA522 – Advanced Guitar
Grade Levels 10-12
Students will continue to build upon the skills learned in beginning guitar. Skills learned will include work on music theory, chord theory, improvisation, composition and advanced guitar ensemble literature. The class will explore popular music as well as jazz, blues, flamenco, and classical styles. A $10 fee is required. Guitar provided by school. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED
Prerequisite: PA521 or audition.

PA317 – Guitar Ensemble
Grade Levels 11-12
This course is a continuation of the first two years of guitar. Advanced ensemble music, soloing, composing and music theory will be covered.
A $10 fee is required. PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED
Prerequisite: PA521, PA522 and audition

Cary Nothnagel Theater Director

Theater Electives will have school and community performances on a regular basis. All Theatre students are expected to support and/or attend required performances. There is a $10 fee for all theater classes.

PA111 – Theater 1
Grade Levels 9-12
Students are given an overview and introduction of improvisation, character development and structure, video stagecraft, and acting. Learn to be in front of an audience without fear.

PA112-114 Theater 2-4
Grade Levels 10-12
A three-year revolving curriculum includes more acting, directing, styles, and performance. Plays are rotated over a 3-year period. Each course is dependent upon completing the preceding theater course.
Prerequisite: Theatre I

PA113-114 Theater 3-4 (Honors Studio Acting Class)
Grade Levels 11-12
Membership is based on audition only. Students must have had Theatre I or had to have been involved in a production through the Lancer Theatre Company in order to audition. Once selected, students in the class will produce a one act play for state competition, cover a stage dialect and present scenes in dialect, and learn to direct or act in student directed pieces. Work is intense and students are expected to work at the college level.
Prerequisite: Theatre 1 and auditions.

PA121 – Theater Production 1
Grade Levels 10-12
Designing, constructing, and running a play are emphasized while stagecraft terms are learned. Hands-on work is required.
Prerequisite: Theatre 1

PA122-124 Theater Production 2-4
Grade Levels 10-12
Continuation of Theater Production 1 with leadership skills stressed since these students are combined with Theater Production 1 students and serve as role models. Each course is dependent upon completing the preceding Theater Production course.
Prerequisite: Permission from instructor and Theatre 1