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To contact us by phone:
Front Office 804-739-6275
School Counseling Office 804-739-6284
School Fax 804-739-6340
School Attendance Office 804-739-6285

To contact us by mail:
12601 Bailey Bridge Road, Midlothian, VA 23112

Directions to the school:

Heading down Hull Street from Richmond toward Amelia, take a left onto Bailey Bridge Road. There is a stoplight there with a Wawa and CVS on the right and a Dairy Queen/Liberty Gas Station on the left. You will come to an intersection where you have to turn right at a stop signal in order to stay on Bailey Bridge Road. Go down the hill, across a small bridge, and up a small hill, and you will see us on your left.

Heading up Hull Street from the Woodlake area going toward Richmond, take a right onto Spring Run Road. There is a Honda dealership near that intersection. Follow Spring Run until you see the Triple Crown neighborhood on your left. Shortly after that, there is a large 4-way stop. Turn left there onto Bailey Bridge Road. Follow Bailey Bridge until you see the school on your right. Visitor parking is available if you turn in the second entrance closest to the large marquee sign.

To email a teacher, use the email prefix provided and follow it with at

SubjectLast NameFirst NameEmail Prefix
Social Studies Adams Ahmad Ahmad_Adams
Career and Technical Education Adent John John_Adent
Health and PE Alford Josh Joshua_Alford
School Counseling Altizer Kaelie Kaelie_Altizer
Exceptional Education, SID Angle Trish Patricia_Angle
Career and Technical Education Ashley Curt Curtis_Ashley
Performing Arts Batson Kristen Kristen_Batson
Fine Arts Bayuk Allen Allen_Bayuk
Exceptional Education, SID Bickford Alexa Alexa_Bickford
IDP Blakney Deshaun Deshaun_Blakney
Exceptional Education, MoMD Boger Marie Carol_Boger
Spanish Immersion Booher Alexsis Alexsis_Booher
English Bowen-Taylor Jodi Jodi_BowenTaylor
Social Studies Boyland David David_Boyland
Exceptional Education, Admin and Support Brazda Barbara Barbara_Brazda
Career and Technical Education Breslin Daniel Daniel_Breslin
Success Program Breslin Kristin Kristin_Breslin
JROTC Britton Cpt. Robert Robert_Britton
Health and PE Broadwater Natasha Natasha_Broadwater
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Brown David David_Brown
English Burke Jill Jill_Burke
Spanish Immersion/ World Languge Byrnes Bonnie Bonnie_Byrnes
Social Studies Byrnes William William_Byrnes
School Counseling Carey Donna Donna_Carey
Exceptional Education, IDS Carley Rebekah Rebekah_Carley
Social Studies Chaconas Kara Kara_Chaconas
Science Chappell Sidney Sidney_Chappell
IDP Clancy Tisa Tisa_Clancy
Math Clark Matthew Matthew_Clark
Exceptional Education, SID Clarke Donna Donna_Clarke
Exceptional Education, Admin and Support Collins Jonathan Jonathan_Collins
Success Program Conner Kevin Kevin_Conner
Science Cranor Renee Renee_Cranor
Math Daniels Emily Emily_Daniels
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Davis Bryn Bryn_Davis
Exceptional Education, SID Davis Carolyn Carolyn_Davis
School Counseling Dejarnette Edie Edie_Dejarnette
World Language Dennis Peter Peter_Dennis
English Dolle Meg Meg_Dolle
Fine Arts Dublin Marina Marina_Dublin
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Dunn Mindy Mindy_Dunn
Social Services, School Social Worker Dwyer Christine Christine_Dwyer
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Ekers Michael Michael_Ekers
Science Elliott Raymond Raymond_Elliott
Social Services, School Psychologist Evans Tracey Tracey_Evans
Performing Arts Fens Chris Christopher_Fens
English Fernandez Renee Renee_Fernandez
Social Studies Fracker Josh Joshua_Fracker
Career and Technical Education Fradsham Lynn Lynn_Fradsham
Science Gilchrist Dionna Dionna_Gilchrist
School Counseling, Testing & Career Center Glowinski Latonya Latonya_Glowinski
Science Gordy Michael Michael_Gordy
Math Greene Ashley Ashley_Greene
English Guedri Beth Mary_Guedri
Math Haas Elizabeth Elizabeth_Haas
Health and PE Hall Tom Thomas_Hall
Success Program Hall Thomas Thomas_Hall
Science Hamdallah Jane Jane_Hamdallah
Career and Technical Education Hardison Rebecca Rebecca_Hardison
Science Harrell Jason Jason_Harrell
Exceptional Education, SID Harris Jacquelyn Jacquelyn_Harris
Health and PE Harris Debra Debrab_Harris
Special Education Hassan Charafa Charafa_Hassan
Science Hayden Angela Angela_Hayden
Science Hayden Angela Angela_Hayden
Math Hayes Heather Heather_Hayes
Social Studies Hayes Stephanie Stephanie_Hayes
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Hodges-Johnson Elisabeth Elisabeth_H-Johnson
Mass Communications Hoof Kathy Kathy_Hoof
Technology Support Hornberger Steve Steve_Hornberger
World Language Houghton Deborah Deborah_Houghton
English Hudgins Fraser Alexander_Hudgins
Career and Technical Education Humphrey Nancy Nancy_Humphrey
English Ingarra Brittney Brittney_Ingarra
Math Irvine Vivian Vivian_Irvine
Math Irving Lisa Lisa_Irving
Fine Arts Jackson Petie Margaret_Jackson
Science Johnson Wesley Wesley_Johnson
Special Education Juhl Klea Klea_Juhl
Social Studies Karlson Melissa Melissa_Karlson
Social Studies Karlson Joshua Joshua_Karlson
Exceptional Education, SID Keeton Lare Robert_Keeton
Fine Arts Kelly Alyssa Alyssa_Kelly
Science Kim Juli Juli_Kim
Performing Arts Kim Robyn Robyn_Kim
Math Klick Steve Stephan_Klick
Career and Technical Education Kline Paul Paul_Kline
Career and Technical Education Krausse Charles Brian_Krausse
Support Staff, Assistant Principals’ Secretary Kretsinger Ann Ann_Kretsinger
Spanish Immersion/ World Language Landa Lisa Lisa_Landa
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Lane Deanna Deanna_Lane
School Counseling Laun kathrynh kathrynh_laun
English Livaudais Kim Kimberly_Livaudais
Social Studies Lockhart Kristen Kristen_Lockhart
Social Studies Long Chad Chad_Long
Career and Technical Education Luechauer Chesney Chesney_Luechauer
Support Staff, Bookkeeper Martin Heidi Heidi_Martin
Exceptional Education, LD Massenburg Yolanda Yolanda_Massenburg
Spanish Immersion McIntire Kristal Kristal_McIntire
Exception Education McIntire Michael Michael_McIntire
Spanish Immersion McKenzie Laura Laura_McKenzie
World Language Meador Susan Susan_Meador
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Moccio-Webb Linda Linda_Webb
School Counseling Morris-Nothnagel Michelle Michelle_Morris-Noth
English Moses Jared Jared_Moses
Health and PE Murray Tom Lorenzo_Murray
Math Murray Lauren Lauren_Murray
Exceptional Education, MoMD Myers Kelsie Kelsie_Myers
English Negron Kelie Kelie_Negron
Social Studies Newsom Melissa Melissa_Newsom
School Counseling Nicely Cammie Cammie_Nicely
Performing Arts Nothnagel Cary Cary_Nothnagel
Mass Communications O’Brien Tracy Teresa_Obrien
Exceptional Education, MIMD Oliver Rose Rosea_Oliver
Exceptional Education, Transition Job Coordinator Oppe Kate Myra_Oppe
Health and PE Pace George George_Pace
Science Parker Ashlee Ashlee_Parker
Exceptional Education, SLD Parker Jasmine Jasmine_Parker
Math Parker Cassandra Cassandra_Parker
Exceptional Education, MoMD Payne Carrie Carrie_Payne
English Perrotte Kelley Kelley_Perrotte
School Resource Officer (SRO) Poston Allen Allen_Poston
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Potts Abby Abby_Potts
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Pritchett Kameryn Kameryn_Pritchett
Library Purdin Nora Nora_Purdin
Science Quach Cindy Cindy_Quach
Mass Communications Rice Lindsay Lindsay_Rice
Science Richards Michele Michele_Richards
Exceptional Education, MoMD Richardson Bernie Bernie_Richardson
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Richardson Eric Eric_Richardson
Exceptional Education, Intensive Day Program (IDP) Rippy Kelly Kimberly_Rippy
World Language Roberts Karen Karen_Roberts
Performing Arts Robinson Katherine Katherine_Robinson
World Language Satterfield Lynette Lynette_Satterfield
Health and PE Saunders Ricky Charles_Saunders
Exceptional Education, SID Schley Anne Anne_Schley
Library Showers-Pioch Karmeisha Karmeisha_ShowersPio
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Simmons Tina Eurgentine_Simmons
JROTC Simon Sgt. Treon Treon_Simon
Exceptional Education, LD Sipe Jason Jason_Sipe
Success Program Slagle Dawn Dawn_Slagle
Career and Technical Education Sloan Pamela Pamela_Sloan
Exceptional Education, MIMD Smith Vicky Vicky_Smith
English Souder Emily Emily_Souder
Support Staff, Office Manager Southard Debbie Debbie_Southard
Science Spawn Christopher Christopher_Spawn
Library Stanton Lois Lois_Stanton
Math States Cari Cari_States
Science Stillman Joshua Joshua_Stillman
Exceptional Education, ED & LD Strull Cathy Catherine_Strull
English Sweeney Isaac Isaac_Sweeney
World Language Sweeney Dorcas Dorcas_Sweeney
Fine Arts Tanner Jessica Jessica_Tanner
Exceptional Education, MIMD Thomas Patricia Patricia_Thomas
Math Toms Vickie Vickie_Toms
English Tucker Jacob Jacob_Tucker
Social Studies Underwood Marguerite Marguerite_Underwood
School Counseling Valentine Stephan Stephan_Valentine
Math Vogt Elysa Elysa_Vogt
Social Studies Weiland Paul Paul_Weiland
Math Wells Jennifer Jennifer_Wells
Math Wical Renee Renee_Wical
Exceptional Education, Autism Williams Herbie Herbie_Williams
English Willis Peter Peter_Willis
Math Winfree Shannon Shannon_Winfree
Exceptional Education, Autism Wolfgang Sarah Sarah_Wolfgang
English Wood Nancy Nancy_Wood
Director of Student Activities Woodle Gregory Gregory_Woodle
School Counseling Woodley Carol Carol_S-Woodley
English Wyman Jocelyn Jocelyn_Wyman
Math Ylarde Nicanor Nicanor_Ylarde