Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Counseling Programs and Services

The purpose of school counseling is to build skills for academic, career and personal/social development. School counseling in Chesterfield County Public Schools is a planned, sequential program of services that is comprehensive in scope and developmental in nature.

Academic counseling helps students and parents learn about curriculum choices, plan an appropriate program of studies, arrange and interpret academic testing and seek post secondary academic opportunities.

Career counseling helps students acquire information and plan for work, jobs, apprenticeships and post-secondary education and career opportunities.

Personal or social counseling helps students develop an understanding of themselves and the rights and needs of others, resolve conflict and define individual goals that reflect their interests, abilities and aptitudes. Such counseling may be provided in groups in which generic issues of social development are addressed or through structured individual or small group counseling sessions that focus on specific student concerns (for example, divorce, anxiety or aggressive behavior).

At Manchester High School …
Our school counselors take great pride in getting to know our students. Whether we are enrolling new students; answering a scheduling question; brainstorming with students about what to do after they leave Manchester; or maybe just offering an empathetic ear to challenges at home, we care about our students.

Each year we work with our students on a variety of issues. During the freshman and sophomore years, our goal is to develop a relationship with your child in order to help him or her adapt to high school. During the junior and senior years, our goal is to help your child further explore options for life after high school. We meet with students individually and in the classroom setting through a variety of classroom guidance lessons. Please review our school counseling department calendar each year to review our plans for the current school year.

Beyond the general services offered as described above, the Manchester School Counseling Department offers a number of other services and programs, e.g. College Night, financial aid workshops, orientations, and student scheduling. The department also coordinates all mandated testing, sends transcripts, and coordinates award assemblies with the administration..

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