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Scheduling can be a CRAZY time of year!  We will help walk you through it!

Parents of students who will attend Manchester High School for 9th grade next school year are invited to attend an information session in the Manchester HS auditorium at 6:00 PM on Thursday January 24th.  Information will be shared about scheduling, AP courses, Early College Academy and an elective fair will be set up for parents and students to view.

1) Counselor will go into English and PE classes to discuss the general guidelines in the scheduling process.  (SEE POWER POINT BELOW)

Scope of Offerings checklist….. You can use this as a ‘first draft’ to check off the classes you are initially thinking about taking. You will need 7 classes total: all your core classes and then electives. BUT, you have to make sure you have at least 2 alternate electives as well, in case your first choice electives don’t fit in your schedule or are not offered next year. 

TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK THROUGH THE SCHEDULING GUIDE! Think about what you’ve taken already, what you might like to take, and through process of elimination your schedule will start to work itself out. The key for you here is to think about electives. So, if you get down to a handful of electives you want to take, but aren’t sure, the descriptions are included so you can find out more about them – what the prerequisites are, what grade you have to be in, etc. If you have questions, we are here to help! 

2) ***RECOMMENDATION CARDS – February 3rd and 4th*** (see scheduling card below)On February 3rd and 4th, you will take a course recommendation card around to all your classes so that your core teachers can recommend you for a) what course you should be in next year and b) what level. But these cards are not just for your core recommendations; this is where you write down the elective courses you have FINALLY decided you want to take. Write down ALL of them, even the backup electives! It is important to take this process seriously because when you fill out this card, you are making a commitment to the electives you choose. EACH STUDENT MUST TURN IN A COMPLETED RECOMMENDATION CARD at the end of the day on the 4th. You will have a copy to take home too!  On Wednesday February 5th you will enter the schedule into Student Vue during an extended AEP.

3) Scheduling with your counselor

Counselors will take the recommendation cards and make a preliminary schedule from the information students and teachers have filled in. Counselors will then meet with juniors one-on-one in their offices to go over transcripts and verify one last time their course request for the upcoming year (February 17-March 6). Freshmen and sophomores will meet with their counselors during PE classes to verify the course requests they have chosen March 9th-20th for sophomores and March 23-28th for freshmen).

 If taking a Dual Enrollment course, students must apply to JTCC and have qualifying scores before the Dual Enrollment deadline.

4)Course Request Verification Letters Go Home

Parents will receive a copy of their student’s proposed 2020-2021 schedule on April 3rd. These will be due back no later than April 15th. If there are any errors that you notice on the proposed course request, this is the final opportunity to make corrections. Because of master scheduling and staffing requirements, there are no schedule changes allowed after this process. 

Provisional Placement Form:  See form below

9TH GRADE SCHEDULING GUIDE – see scheduling guide (9th) below


Applications for CTC are online this year.  Apply at
         PRIORITY DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28th, 2020.  Students can turn in applications after the 28th but will not be considered in the first round of decisions.
DUAL ENROLLMENT:  Students interested in Dual Enrollment classes will need to complete the following:
          1.  Apply online to John Tyler Community College
          2.  Turn in a printed copy of the application and a P-2 form with parent signatures to your                             School Counselor
          3.  Score a qualifying score from either the PSAT/SAT/ or Compass Test.
SCHEDULE CHANGES for the current 2020 school year:
Elective change requests will not be honored unless there is an extenuating circumstance.
Level changes are considered on a case by case basis.
The last day to drop a course without penalty is October 8, 2020. A request to drop must be deemed appropriate by the teacher, counselor and administrator. A drop after that deadline will result in an “F” for the year on the student’s permanent record.  Any student signed up for an AP course must remain in that course at least through the end of the first interim grading period.
For any scheduling change request, a schedule change request form must be filled out brought to the Counseling Office (see file below)
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