Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Spanish Immersion Course Offerings

Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
Immersion 1Immersion 2AP Spanish LanguageAP Spanish Literature
Health & P.E. 9Health & P.E. 10Immersion Elective Immersion Elective
Math MathImmersion ElectiveImmersion Elective

Immersion 1 & 2

Take learning Spanish further and immerse yourself into the Spanish language. Learn how to read, write, and speak Spanish fluently. Prerequisite is Spanish one.

Health and P.E. 9 & 10

Brinca, salta, y corre your way through the Spanish language in these exciting P.E. classes. Learn how to play popular games from Latin American countries while getting a work out. Health, the other part of this course, is taught in Spanish also. Learn to perform CPR and healthy eating habits in Spanish.

Math in Spanish

Learn Algebra 2 and Geometry in Spanish. These courses will follow the county’s curriculum guide…the students just learn the information in Spanish!

A.P. Spanish Language

Challenge yourself in this advanced placement course. This class is required for all Immersion students. At the end of the course the students take the A.P. exam which gives the students a chance to earn college credit as a Junior in high school!

Spanish for Professionals

Spanish for Professionals teaches students the Spanish vocabulary, grammar and cultural components necessary for being a successful bilingual employee in various career paths. Students will learn useful vocabulary to be proficient in the medical field, the business world, and various public service-based careers (i.e. education, law enforcement, translating, social work, etc.).

Spanish Language & Culture through Film

This Immersion elective will expand the student’s knowledge and appreciation of the language and culture while studying the films of various Spanish-speaking countries. Multiple genres are presented, and the themes of the movies vary greatly to cover information such as current issues in the Hispanic world, significant historical events, and the lives of famous Hispanics.

A.P. Spanish Literature

In this course, you will read classic short stories, plays, and poems from across the Spanish-speaking world. This course is designed to prepare students for college Spanish literature courses by focusing on reading comprehension, literary analysis, and writing.

ESL Tutor

Serve your school community and receive hours while working with ESL students (English as a Second Language). Help the students, learn the basics of English in order for them to keep up with the students in their class who speak English fluently. You can help with student-teacher relationship as well as the teacher-parent relationship; communicate information between them when ever it is needed.

Humanities 1 and 2

Bring Spanish alive in Humanties! Learn the history and culture of the hispanic world but use your senses to feel, see, touch, and taste the heart of the Spanish language with art, crafts, music, movies and more!