Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Spanish Immersion FAQ

What will my child learn in the Immersion program?
Your child will learn to effectively converse, write, listen, and read in a second language. Your child will be in an environment where he/she will be able to listen and speak in Spanish on a regular basis about a variety of topics including culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The main benefit of the Immersion program is that your son or daughter will graduate bilingual and biliterate as we offer a variety of classes in Spanish that are only offered in English in other high schools.

What are the requirements to apply for the Spanish Immersion program?
The student must be enrolled in Spanish I, II or III, or be a native speaker of Spanish with some knowledge of basic written grammar. It is recommended that the student have a good grasp of the subject and maintain a high grade in his/her language and math classes.

 How do I apply?
To apply for the Immersion program, interested students should request and complete an application from their current school counselor. The counselor will return the form to the Immersion Director for further evaluation. Qualified applicants will then complete the interview process before they receive acceptance.

 Who teaches the classes?
We have a wonderful group of qualified individuals who teach our classes. Some of our teachers have also studied other areas of education along with Spanish so that they are qualified to teach other subjects in Spanish. Our teachers are very passionate about education as well as the Spanish language and provide top-notch education.

 Will transportation be provided?
If the student lives in the Manchester district he/she will use the Manchester bus system. If not, there are several bus systems the student can access through his/her home schools. Please visit the CCPS transportation page for more info.

What are some benefits and opportunities for Spanish Immersion students?
By using Spanish in various classes, on trips, and as translators at various community events, Spanish Immersion students acquire a command of the Spanish language that one does not normally receive through traditional Spanish courses. Our students take 12 classes in Spanish over the course of 4 years compared to 4 Spanish classes for a regular high school’s student schedule. Also, our small classes allow for more opportunities for students to practice their Spanish via presentations and one-on-one with the teacher. Many community organizations, including a few elementary schools, have developed a relationship with our program so that our students can use their Spanish in the real world as translators for a variety of events like literacy fairs, Kindergarten Registration, Back to School Night mentors and Christmas with a Cop.

Can my child participate in extra-curricular activities?
Yes! In fact, many of our students are active members of chorus , NHS, and various sports. Students in the Immersion Program have served as class officers and have lead roles in plays produced by Lancer Theater Company.

What is Jump Start?
Jump Start is an opportunity during the summer preceding the freshman year that serves as orientation to the program for new members of the Immersion family. Prospective students get a preview of Immersion life as they sample math, authentic games, culture, Latin food, etc. in Spanish for the first time! This is also an ideal way for our students, who come from middle schools throughout the county, to get to know their peers before school begins.