Manchester High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Spanish Immersion Opportunities

When you enter into the Spanish Immersion Center, doors will open. It is up to you to step in!

Every year there are many chances to learn outside of the classroom and visit many exciting places where you can use your Spanish.

We travel within the community to experience different cultural events such as the Hispanic Heritage Flamenco Ballet, the Latin Ballet of Virginia, and the Qué Pasa Festival.

We also take an Immersion trip to La Herradura, Spain every other summer for a 3-week study abroad experience. Currently we are researching other travel opportunities to Ecuador and Costa Rica as well!

You can engage in community service such as volunteering at your local elementary school to help translate for Spanish-speaking families at Kindergarten Registration; helping children enrolled in ESL programs in local elementary schools during the summer; and translating for local Hispanic families as they shop for the holiday season at the Christmas with a Cop event. These events truly add to the experience of the program because our students gain confidence in using their Spanish in the real world while also feeling like they are helping their community.

Another way that our students benefit from the Spanish Immersion program is by creating strong bonds with other highly motivated students. We offer peer tutoring during school hours where our upperclassmen assist any younger student that may need a little help with Immersion classes. We also extend this mentoring beyond academics through our “Hermanos, hermanitos” program where the upperclassmen “adopt” a freshman in the program. We have events where the mentors and their mentees can get to know each other. We also have a special “reveal week” in October where the mentors leave clues via notes and small gifts to help their mentee guess their identity! At the end of that week, the mentors reveal their identity to the freshmen and usually by that time, a bond has started to form. This allows our freshmen to feel more comfortable with the program and ensures that they have at least one mentor in the program who can help answer any questions they might have during the transition to high school.